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On May 17, 2017 InvenSense finalized its sale to TDK for $13 per share.  I see this as validating the stance I'd taken in the preceding year or more: that the stock was cheap, and the company's core business valuable, but at risk.  It remains to be seen what will happen to CoursaRetail, an endeavor in which I saw big potential but an uncertain path to market.
      post TDK announcment
This section is now public as an example of the sort of coverage offered by my CrowdWisers service.   Readers are encouraged to give particular attention to the notes and stock pricing that followed the original TDK purchase announcement for perspective on navigating the intersection of modern news and markets.  Though most of my coverage focuses on either high yield or emerging technology (which is how my InvenSense coverage started) this sort of experience with market dynamics can also prove very useful.

?2 InvenSense, Apple and more pick list scheduling08:24 05-May-17
+3 InvenSense gets regulatory clearances09:36 18-Apr-17
+1 InvenSense begins UltraPrint production and more09:31 09-Mar-17
?4 INVN pricing13:50 13-Feb-17
?6 INVN rumor and 3Q17 report08:44 03-Feb-17
+7 TDK to buy InvenSense for $13 per share09:35 21-Dec-16
+3 InvenSense buyout rumors gain detail12:22 09-Dec-16
?3 Coursa's moment of truth and more16:09 06-Dec-16
?3 InvenSense 2Q17 results17:07 03-Nov-16
+1 InvenSense works with Panasonic and Sonion09:22 03-Nov-16
+1 InvenSense exploring options09:11 31-Oct-16
?3 INVN halted on sale rumor15:48 28-Oct-16
?3 InvenSense licenses software for UltraPrint15:43 21-Oct-16
?2 InvenSense schedules 2Q17 report17:54 11-Oct-16
+2 new devices and InvenSense08:22 05-Oct-16
-2 InvenSense still not in the Watch09:41 29-Sep-16
+4 Coursa Retail gets press recognition15:00 20-Sep-16
-2 Series 2 Watch tear-down11:18 16-Sep-16
?2 INVN outlook from Apple event15:18 07-Sep-16
+2 IFA, InvenSense and software14:02 31-Aug-16
+2 InvenSense 1Q17 results17:28 28-Jul-16
-2 Final INVN pre-earnings thoughts10:19 27-Jul-16
?3 InvenSense and third parties18:38 21-Jul-16
?3 InvenSense schedules 1Q17 report21:13 07-Jul-16
-3 Apple woes could spell temporary trouble for INVN08:49 05-Jul-16
?2 Hope for InvenSense: drones and microphones11:19 02-Jun-16
?2 Post-earnings InvenSense thoughts and PR09:53 10-May-16
-6 InvenSense 4Q16 results17:13 09-May-16
?2 Asian cooperation and competition for InvenSense10:13 09-May-16
-2 InvenSense VP resigns21:35 04-May-16
?7 pre-earnings thoughts on INVN and Coursa14:57 03-May-16
?3 virtual reality, earnings and InvenSense14:38 28-Apr-16
?2 InvenSense schedules fiscal 4Q16 report22:07 06-Apr-16
+1 InvenSense in the latest iPad16:23 05-Apr-16
+2 InvenSense gets a mic win with Gionee09:37 31-Mar-16
+2 InvenSense maintains slot for iPhone SE21:29 30-Mar-16
-1 STMicro wins S7 OIS and motion slots17:26 02-Mar-16
?3 more MWC: Mi5 with new InvenSense OIS09:19 24-Feb-16
+5 INVN open market insider buy17:10 09-Feb-16
+4 a quick chat with InvenSense20:27 03-Feb-16
?3 short-term INVN valuation04:13 28-Jan-16
-3 InvenSense fiscal 3Q16 report17:27 27-Jan-16
+1 Inferring InvenSense results from other reports02:39 27-Jan-16
+6 InvenSense announces Coursa Retail09:34 14-Jan-16
?5 InvenSense schedules 3Q16 report18:08 11-Jan-16
?2 INVN hits an all-time low16:42 08-Jan-16
+1 more new chips from InvenSense09:36 06-Jan-16
+2 Fitbit sued and Apple sales15:29 05-Jan-16
+1 InvenSense at CES09:46 05-Jan-16
?1 INVN and taxes15:02 28-Dec-15
?1 INVN and Apple worries15:55 15-Dec-15
+4 Huawei licenses InvenSense Positioning Library09:29 09-Dec-15
+4 new InvenSense product category10:37 03-Dec-15
+3 InvenSense signs tier one auto manufacturer?09:26 27-Nov-15
+3 InvenSense's time may be coming23:44 26-Nov-15
+2 INVN & OLED expiration pricing13:30 19-Nov-15
+3 INVN insider sales create opportunity07:09 18-Nov-15
+4 InvenSense Conference Announcements16:51 17-Nov-15
+2 2 New Distribution Agreements for InvenSense09:44 17-Nov-15
+2 iPad Pro win23:57 11-Nov-15
-4 Apple component order cutback09:05 10-Nov-15
?2 InvenSense developer conference & count13:17 04-Nov-15
-2 A note from the STMicro call08:00 02-Nov-15
?3 INVN post-earnings move and valuation11:38 29-Oct-15
?1 INVN tomorrow and beyond19:08 28-Oct-15
+4 InvenSense 2Q16 results17:53 28-Oct-15
+4 pre-earnings notes & press releases10:04 28-Oct-15
+4 Heart rate sensor correction for wearables10:23 14-Oct-15
?3 InvenSense schedules 2Q16 report09:34 13-Oct-15
+2 InvenSense Valuation and Market Dynamics20:14 26-Sep-15
+5 InvenSense iPhone 6S win confirmed03:52 25-Sep-15
+2 Apple TV tear down15:47 22-Sep-15
?3 InvenSense & Apple media event recap15:13 09-Sep-15
+4 InvenSense's latest design win at Amazon17:22 04-Sep-15
?4 Points to look for at Apple's Event & Beyond12:31 02-Sep-15