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a quick chat with InvenSense +4

When the 10-Q did not provide definition, I reached out to InvenSense to get clarity on the following statement from the earnings call:
In early Q4 we acquired certain assets of a company for about $8 million in cash and consideration. The acquired assets complement our sensor-assisted navigation technology.
My pseudonym was recognized and I received a call which confirmed that this is a new purchase for the current quarter that is expected to aid InvenSense with its indoor and outdoor navigation efforts. 

More importantly, I was also able to get some more detail on Coursa Retail during the call.  The product is implemented as an SDK (supplemental developer kit) that retailers can use in their apps to gather data for their back office systems.  The SDK is hardware independent; no InvenSense chips are required.  Furthermore, no individual data is collected, so there are no opt-ins or privacy concerns for either party.  Discussions are currently taking place with large chains, and the fact that no extra equipment is required is a big selling point, which is generating "lots of interest" in the product. 

No prospective pricing was disclosed, but based on this deployment model, I would expect that we should be able to start seeing agreements announced within a matter of months.