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InvenSense begins UltraPrint production and more +1

InvenSense has announced that it is beginning commercial production of its long-awaited UltraPrint fingerprint sensor solution in collaboration with Global Foundries.  I expect this to be hot product, but there's really not much else to say here.  I also still expect INVN to continue to progress back towards $13 per share as the buyout from TDK is executed.

Also of note this morning is an extension of Resonant's agreement with a tier-one customer. This announcement regards filters that are very representative of cutting edge devices, particularly the WiFi coexistence product.  For the near term, though, this nowhere near as important as the company getting the designs it began early in its history into commercial production.  My outlook on RESN, won't change much until we see that.

With the FOMC signaling a rate hike on the 15th, and possibly a more rapid pace for them after that, I continue to be willing to sit out much of the current rally on the long side.  Bill Gross is one of the few market pundits that I see any point in listening to and his words echo my own sentiments:

Be more concerned about the return of your money than the return on your money in 2017 and beyond.
I continue to think that out favor stocks with international exposure like VOD, ABB, and especially CVA right now are best bets for yield and relative safety.  Coming full circle, arbitrage investments like INVN have also been better than simply holding cash while we wait for a market reality check.  Positions in out of favor GRoDT positions like FIT and WPRT can also make sense, but, such positions should always be small, and that's all the more true in the current market.