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InvenSense and third parties ?3

A new report from IDC this morning makes it sound like the smartwatch market has cratered.

Worldwide Smartwatch Market Experiences Its First Decline as Shipments Fall 32% in the Second Quarter
In reality, the report indicates that the declines are all due to Apple's Watch and that the rest of the market continues to grow, just as I've been saying.  That's actually good for InvenSense, since it isn't in the (current version of the) Watch anyway.  September is the next chance for that to change, but it really doesn't matter much.  Apple reports on the evening of the 26th, two days ahead of InvenSense (not one, as originally typo'd in the email).  What does matter is that bad news from Tim Cook could put not just INVN, but the whole market into a tailspin.  I actually think the market might be overestimating the chances of this, but given disappointment from Intel and Netflix, with an FOMC decision the next day, the broader effects are a real possibility. 

I'll be watching the Apple report, but am trying to keep the volume of emails down during earnings season.  Work is still being done to allow you to customize what you do and don't receive.  In the meantime, there is likely to be a pre-earnings article that includes some of my Coursa research from before the last earnings report.