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InvenSense announces Coursa Retail +6

Aha!  Now I get how InvenSense plans to gain critical mass and make money off of Coursa Sports.  Coursa Retail means that the sports service will probably be given away and used to help promotion of the InvenSense chips.  Of course, InvenSense won't turn down some extra money for Sports accounts that are labeled premium, but the real driver here is business.  Get free fitness tracking with your wearable, so long as you don't mind InvenSense selling in-store data and maybe advertisements. 

The announcement says the program is now available for retail pilot deployments, and that it will be demonstrated at the NRF show this weekend.  I expect a bit of a slow ramp as InvenSense builds market share with FireFly; certainly nothing that will impact the upcoming earnings report financials, though any retail response and forward-looking statements on the project will certainly be interesting.  I do think this is something that merchants will go for in a big way, and a major catalyst for the company.