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INVN halted on sale rumor ?3

Having now read the report, I'm even less inclined to chase.  This is the sort of uninformed trash that market insiders spread around to make a quick buck.  It is only worthy of Seeking Alpha and other such sites, not your hard-earned investing dollars.

On 10/28/2016 03:35 PM, Esekla wrote:

INVN shares should resume trading soon.  Supposedly Reuters has an exclusive on the company exploring a sale, though I can't confirm.  I have little doubt management would be open to the option, but I'm not inclined to chase the news.  This week's STMicro report makes it seem like ST is eating InvenSense's lunch:

Sequential growth was driven by the increasing pervasiveness of ST's products in flagship smartphones, wearables and Internet of Things applications from MEMS and sensors, including our latest 6-axis gyroscope
STMicro also won supplier of the year at the MEMs world summit.  InvenSense can still get meaningful wins in software, but the competitive environment for its mainstay hardware environment is going to be tough.