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Coursa's moment of truth and more ?3

Subscribers have been asking, so I'll just comment for everyone:

This morning's Oppo announcement is a positive, but a fairly minor one.  Oppo has grown to the fourth largest phone maker but it is still does less than a third of Apple unit sales, and about a fifth of Samsung's.  Furthermore, this is only for 2 specific models.  The collaboration may continue as implied, but EIS is likely a low-margin product, and might not be paired with a motion chip from InvenSense.  The company will be lucky if this manages to move the needle on the bottom line at at all.

The stock is probably moving just as much on an analyst upgrade that echoes my M&A speculation from yesterday.  That may come to pass, but even before the move up to $8, I was not willing to take a chance on it, as it doesn't fit with my current dry-powder/high yield market strategy.  That doesn't necessarily mean that others shouldn't, but it's undeniable that they would have had a better deal before yesterday, and may yet again.

On 12/05/2016 03:44 PM, Esekla wrote:

The media descriptions of Amazon Go today seem to describe a paradigm that would make heavy use of Coursa-like technology.  The early 2017 time-line to public access would also fit nicely with the pre-pilot reports that I documented here, and perhaps the indications of interest.  I don't know if Amazon is actually using Coursa or not.  Obviously, I think the technology has value, but it comes down to a buy versus build decision for clients like Amazon, and I don't know of much other than expertise that might be keeping them from the latter option, and then competing with Coursa.  Consequently, if we don't hear official word from management in the first half of 2017, I would consider that silence the death knell for Coursa Retail.

Less immediately, Apple is integrating indoor positioning into its APIs and mapping initiatives.  Again, whether or not this will wind up benefiting INVN shareholders is rather a shot in the dark, but if it's going to happen at all, I think it will happen in a matter of months.