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TDK to buy InvenSense for $13 per share +7

The 8-K just filed in connection with the buyout specifies that the transaction should occur by June 21, 2017.  If it does not, perhaps because InvenSense pursues a superior offer, InvenSense will owe TDK $46.7M.  That's more than half a quarter's revenue; so it's a deterrent, but not completely prohibitive.  Buyout premiums can vary wildly, but I'm not personally willing to pursue such possibilities.

On 12/21/2016 08:50 AM, Esekla wrote:

Japan's TDK says it will buy InvenSense for $13 per share.  The transaction is expected to close in the August to October quarter of 2017.  I commend InvenSense management for getting a good price, and wonder what will become of its software initiatives.