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more MWC: Mi5 with new InvenSense OIS ?3

Xiaomi just introduced its new flagship Mi5 phone at MWC and we already have confirmation that it uses InvenSense.  I've often wondered why a separate OIS module was necessary when a full motion sensing chip is already present.  The new ICG-20660L is a fully functional 6-axis motion sensing chip, used in the Mi5, that takes OIS to the next the level.  It also allows creation of a compact camera module while reducing the total system cost, as dynamic calibration is no longer needed due to InvenSense’s unique ability to accurately control tolerances needed for main board OIS.  A gyro-only 3-axis version, the ICG-20330L, was also announced and both chips are in production now. 

Xiaomi's growth has tapered leaving it behind Samsung,
Apple, Huawei and Lenovo in terms of smart phone volume, but its not all phones.  Lenovo devices have garnered a lot o attention, especially those using Intel's RealSense cameras with Alphabet's Tango project.  Watches continue to proliferate and improve with new offerings from Haier and ZTE.  The latter company has even introduced a smart ring and if that's not enough diversity for you, there's even a smart toothbrush.

All of those devices use motion sensors, but of course MWC is about much more. 
Circling back to InvenSense and Xiaomi, the Mi5 includes a fingerprint sensor, but one of the more interesting demos is on how easily existing implementations can be fooledThat speaks to the value of the upcoming InvenSense fingerprint technology being demonstrated at MWC.  5G networking is another area of focus for Intel and pick list stock IDTI is in on the game by extending it to autonomous vehicles.  The raft of announcements has been good for QCOM as well, which has recovered enough to start looking more like a value trap again, despite improving prospects.  MVIS investors will be interested in the ZTE Spro Plus laser projector, though given the lack of announcement from MicroVision, I'd guess this uses an MPCL module.

It's also worth noting that InvenSense will be presenting at upcoming investor conferences
on Monday, and two weeks from then, and that it continues to expand its distribution network.  MWC is, of course, consumer and mobile focused, but I'll be writing up my thoughts on the push beyond those areas soon.