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Post-earnings InvenSense thoughts and PR ?2

InvenSense has issued two more press releases this morning.  The first simply announces an update to the development software suite.  This is good, but mostly of interest to the 40K+ developers in the InvenSense program.

The second product announcement may actually drive some new business.  It introduces a microphone array of the sort being used in the increasingly popular Amazon Echo and similar devices.  This allows for much better voice controls and pre-packaging the microphones this way will likely be of interest to some new customers.

That said neither announcement is likely to have any immediate impact on earnings for the next few quarters.  A look at the updated financials indicate that InvenSense continued to grow the balance sheet modestly, though that may not continue over the next few quarters.  Nonetheless, below $6 INVN is cheap enough that I don't see huge downside from here, just little prospect for a big, quick recovery either. As with INTC, the broader market will probably have a lot to do with day to day pricing over the next several months.