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Inferring InvenSense results from other reports +1

STMicro has just reported results and claims it got a "significant" OIS win with Samsung, but that's it.  Of course, the company continues to compete in chips, but I don't see enough here to really rock the InvenSense boat in terms of mobile design wins.  Margins are likely to remain under pressure, though.

We didn't really need any further confirmation on ST making the MicroVision MEMs mirror modules that are being supplied to Sony, but that's in there as well.

That's probably most of what we're going to get here, so I won't be covering the conference call, whose start is still about hour off, in real-time.  I will have a quick run through the call in the morning, but doubt there will be anything more to say.

On 01/26/2016 06:10 PM, Esekla wrote:
We have one piece of the InvenSense puzzle in that Apple has just reported 74.8M iPhones and 16.1M iPads sold last quarter.  From that I infer that InvenSense should earn at least 7 cents per share from Apple.  Samsung share is the big question this quarter, but even if it sank to half of Apple's total units, and the two continued to constitute about half of overall InvenSense income, we should have InvenSense meeting estimates tomorrow. 

STMicro reports before the bell and that could give clues as to how things are going with Samsung, though probably nothing quantified.  The Galaxy S7 is expected to be released at Mobile World Congress, which runs from February 22-25.  At best we might get an indicative comment (or lack thereof) on that.  Long term investors should be looking for InvenSense to be gaining business away from Apple and Samsung anyway, but I will write again if I see something significant in the STMicro report.  Otherwise, it's real-time analysis of the real InvenSense results tomorrow after the bell.