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more new chips from InvenSense +1

InvenSense has updated its family of OIS chips with the main improvements being better performance and a lower profile, thereby helping to enable slimmer mobile devices.  While latest chips in ICG-1020 family are now in production and expected to ship in smart-phones this quarter, the slimmer profile ICG-1021 chips are just sampling and should hit production next quarter.

InvenSense has also partnered with Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM), to include AKM's
new magnetometer in InvenSense's 3rd generation 9-axis MotionTracking device, the ICM-20948.  InvenSense claims this is the world's lowest power, highest performance 9-axis SoC. 

Although, I've cautioned in the past about getting too excited over CES.  There are occasionally neat revelations, but the market effect is seldom sustainable.  As predicted INVN has been vulnerable to the broader market gyrations that I've been worried about.  Nonetheless, I do see the stock as under-priced right now.  The main question for the short term remains how conservative management was in forecasting business with Apple and Samsung.  Over the longer-term, though, the new offerings I've been documenting should open up a host of new, higher margin opportunities, such as military applications, and cloud-based data tracking.