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CW LogI am a former financial communications programmer, turned full-time investor. I think you will find the fact that I make a very good living almost exclusively from investing to be a major differentiating factor versus most others who write about stocks.  My service offers my research notes and thoughts in real-time.  I am also usually happy to converse with investors, subscriber or not, on anything investment-related free of charge.  Please see here for some basic ground rules, and you can look at the free sections, to the right, for examples of the sort of information you'll get.

I began investing in the mid-1990s, looking for a way to achieve early retirement.  (A goal in which I have succeeded, if you don't consider full-time investing a job.)  I took a scientific, experiment-based approach rather than a studious one.  I think that this approach, combined with my extensive programming work in financial markets and directly with traders has given me uncommon contrarian insight into what really drives market dynamics.  It has also enabled me to come through two market crashes relatively unscathed.

To that end, my content will center around stocks and their derivatives because that's where I have the most experience (over 20 years).  I may occasionally comment on currencies, where I believe I have a sound academic knowledge, but less trading experience.  Readers may also wish to peruse my old Seeking Alpha articles, but they should be aware that relationship has ended due to differing goals.  In a nutshell, I do this to help investors beat a Wall St. system that I came to view as toxic to society.  SA's goals are different, and interaction with the editorial staff often wound up mangling my message.

Finally, I will always refer to a company by name or some abbreviation thereof.  By contrast, I will refer to the stock a company issues by its ticker symbol.  I think it can be important to differentiate between the two.