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Growth stocks are harder to value than those with significant yield, but they can offer some of the best opportunities.  This section is for profitable companies which have a chance outgrowing the overall economy and thus rising faster than the market.

It should be noted that the reason for there being more public examples in this section than in Yield is because of the naturally greater rate of turnover.  The majority of my analysis and funds are generally allocated to high-yield value investments which offer growth in addition to income.

?4 BGC outlook, OLED TV developments, and more Polestar20:38 30-Dec-21
?4 Google Fitbit purchase complete, 4Q20 schedule, more09:37 14-Jan-21
-3 ACCC rejects Google concessions for Fitbit and more11:37 22-Dec-20
+1 Resonant passes 50M unit mark and more17:10 17-Dec-20
+2 Tina vs Eve: thoughts on inequality00:46 07-Dec-20
+1 Resonant and WiFi, plus Google & Clearway news15:17 20-Nov-20
?1 AMSC and Fitbit schedules, plus Google notes21:08 28-Oct-20
-1 governments and Google09:14 12-Oct-20
+1 Vuzix Blade Upgraded available & Golar update08:04 01-Oct-20
-2 Xebec stock incentives and value updates09:57 21-Sep-20
+1 telecoms and governments10:33 14-Sep-20
+2 post-pandemic value thoughts14:51 02-Sep-20
+2 Resonant switches to KPMG and new Fitbit watches14:14 25-Aug-20
?3 Fitbit subscriptions and Resonant dilution09:45 18-Aug-20
?2 EMAN short squeeze, MACom products and MX OMIBs19:31 05-Aug-20
-3 full E.U. antitrust probe for Google+Fitbit?11:20 04-Aug-20
?1 Schlumberger 2Q20 results, WFS schedule and much more09:39 24-Jul-20
-2 ABB 2Q20 estimates and troubling thoughts09:16 20-Jul-20
?2 Covanta & Clearway 2Q20 schedules and much more08:27 15-Jul-20
+1 follow through on expectations13:26 09-Jul-20
-1 Vuzix and Google thoughts13:44 02-Jul-20
?3 Fitbit and other regulatory notes13:11 19-Jun-20
?3 Fitbit & macro update13:05 04-Jun-20
?1 Ebix 1Q20 schedule and India health notes15:51 06-May-20
?2 Vodafone 4Q20 schedule, OLED & new normal implications06:19 04-May-20
?4 Fitbit & Google 1Q20 schedules07:45 27-Apr-20
?2 market calendar and minor news09:42 15-Apr-20
+3 ADP, Fitbit Charge, and more09:06 02-Apr-20
+1 CUI acquisition, jobs, ABB dividend & Vodafone towers official & more09:06 26-Mar-20
+3 Sanders, Biden and Fitbit12:30 11-Mar-20
?3 Super Tuesday and Fitbit arbitrage calendar16:39 03-Mar-20
?1 VOD OMIB and other values16:47 27-Feb-20
?3 Fitbit 4Q19 results and more16:17 20-Feb-20
?3 Fitbit 4Q19 schedule and confirmations18:19 11-Feb-20
?1 India rejects Vodafone & fluff news11:55 16-Jan-20
?1 VUZI OMIBs and other follow-ups11:07 14-Jan-20
-3 Fitbit named in broad patent investigation15:00 11-Jan-20
?1 macro, value and Nokia11:54 09-Jan-20
+2 Himax 4Q19 projection plus CES & more Ebix11:45 07-Jan-20
?1 reaction to Soleimani15:31 03-Jan-20
?3 FIT and record markets13:52 27-Dec-19
?1 looking through December with telecom dividends and Ebix17:59 21-Nov-19
?2 more follow-up on VUZI, CTL and the Fitbit spread10:19 15-Nov-19
+5 Fitbit sold to Google and AMSC 2Q19 schedule09:29 01-Nov-19
?2 Ebix 3Q19 schedule & value down the macro path09:30 29-Oct-19
?1 new AMSC grid proposal, Fitbit 3Q19 schedule and CVA follow-up16:47 22-Oct-19
?3 FIT short squeeze unlikely10:05 23-Sep-19
-4 VOD, FIT and macro follow-up possibilities06:52 01-Aug-19
?1 Vodafone Liberty deal and other unsurprising news07:55 18-Jul-19
?2 Fitbit schedules 1Q19 report and new candidate17:17 16-Apr-19
+1 final IDT note12:06 24-Mar-19
?1 telecom OMIBs and value update18:37 06-Mar-19
-4 Fitbit 4Q18 results16:30 27-Feb-19
-3 regulators, mergers & exits09:29 07-Feb-19
?2 Clearway schedules 4Q18 report and more10:06 31-Jan-19
+1 IDT votes Yes, Parliament No and more08:31 16-Jan-19
?2 welcome to the crux10:08 07-Jan-19
-1 new Resonant licenses and the mobile market09:07 03-Jan-19
+3 SLB OMIB, IDT rounds third, and more12:47 21-Dec-18
+1 Resonant adds a customer, plus CTL, FIT and energy market thoughts09:32 18-Dec-18
-2 energy markets, CUI and global trading10:17 07-Dec-18