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GRoDT stands for Get Rich or Die Trying.  This section is for unprofitable companies which I think have a chance at hitting it big.  OLED and ERII are examples of companies which have commercialized their technologies and at least quintupled their stock prices while I covered them.  However, even when a technology or product is successful, other factors can wind up being more important.  Investors need to recognize that these are the riskiest investments, and accept the possibility of losing ALL capital invested in these stocks. 

?3 3 months with the Ioniq 521:13 10-Nov-22
-2 pre-expiration news and trading notes17:05 19-Aug-22
?3 initial Ioniq 5 comparisions09:31 17-Aug-22
+1 New Fortress Hydrogen agreement and other earnings follow up09:58 12-Aug-22
?3 the new EV tax credits in scaled back better13:48 08-Aug-22
?2 Amsc 1Q22 schedule and more09:47 29-Jul-22
-1 Magnachip 2Q22 schedule and market finance notes10:16 26-Jul-22
?3 a second BEV and Android Auto radio problems15:35 18-Jul-22
+1 Akoustis DARPA contract and trading notes11:59 24-Jun-22
?4 Polestar GPS service, system update and map settings10:57 24-May-22
?1 charts, Kinetik financing framework, Vodafone news & more12:16 16-May-22
?1 MACom GaN-on-Si milestone, Himax follow-up and trading notes07:37 13-May-22
?3 Kinetik 1Q22 results09:43 11-May-22
-5 Google & other tangential earnings and other follow ups14:09 29-Apr-22
?2 New Fortress Gulf application complete & MACom DoD contract09:17 26-Apr-22
-2 market notes, ABB 1Q22 results, Westport & Nokia schedules10:28 21-Apr-22
-2 whackamole GPS issues10:10 21-Apr-22
?3 Polestar showroom in Arizona10:06 14-Apr-22
+2 New Fortress, Himax, MACom 1Q22 schedules and more09:34 13-Apr-22
?3 Friday jobs preview and macro update08:36 01-Apr-22
?3 Android Auto 11 coming to Polestar13:35 30-Mar-22
?2 Yield considerations in a transitional market19:50 28-Mar-22
+1 inflation, and macro implications14:56 15-Mar-22
+8 Resonant sold to Murata, Golar 4Q21 schedule and more17:57 14-Feb-22
-2 Polestar connectivity & no Pixel support from Google14:28 07-Feb-22
?2 Magnachip & PPL 4Q21 schedules, plus gas & India notes16:29 31-Jan-22
+1 MACom 1Q22 results and more09:34 27-Jan-22
?1 Google lawsuit, looking ahead to the midterms and more10:33 18-Jan-22
+1 system update delivered on schedule09:45 14-Jan-22
+1 macro, Ebix and GRoDT updates09:05 13-Jan-22
?1 first trading note of 2022 and website changes12:24 04-Jan-22
-1 software rant11:47 04-Jan-22
+2 BGC outlook, OLED TV developments, and more Polestar20:38 30-Dec-21
+3 a month with the Polestar 205:13 27-Dec-21
?1 NFE Norsk inked plus near and long term thoughts09:53 13-Dec-21
+1 spin offs, OMIBs, dividends, hydrocarbons, EVs and more09:07 08-Dec-21
-1 jobs and GRoDT news10:13 03-Dec-21
?1 Lumen secure remote work and other government matters06:22 03-Dec-21
?2 look ahead on a short week11:44 26-Nov-21
?2 market leverage and other news12:03 19-Nov-21
-3 Orbital 3Q21 results and Vodafone 1H22 schedule09:09 15-Nov-21
?3 Desktop Metal acquires ExOne03:45 14-Nov-21
?2 currencies and weekly wrap10:17 12-Nov-21
?4 Resonant 3Q21 results17:26 10-Nov-21
-2 MACom 4Q21 results04:54 05-Nov-21
+2 New Fortress 3Q21 results and more08:41 03-Nov-21
?2 Amsc, Resonant & Ebix 3Q21 schedules, Westport contract16:46 02-Nov-21
?2 BGC Corant closing, Telus 3Q21 and Amdocs schedules plus follow-up and look ahead21:55 01-Nov-21
-2 Akoustis 1Q22 results and 3d mobile customer08:18 01-Nov-21
?2 Nokia 3Q21 results, Orbital Full Moon terms, Intel OMIBs & trading notes01:40 28-Oct-21
?2 WFS 3Q21 schedule and plausible deniability09:29 26-Oct-21
+2 New Fortress 3Q21 schedule and more of the same09:47 12-Oct-21
+2 Resonant and Xebec new, BGC & UDC 3Q21 schedules, and BS everywhere09:30 06-Oct-21
?2 Golar financing, potential new utility addition and more15:45 30-Sep-21
+1 currencies, commodities and the market16:28 20-Sep-21
?2 pre-expiration market notes and GRoDT news09:08 17-Sep-21
+1 crypto thoughts and the market13:06 08-Sep-21
?2 Akoustis 4Q21 results, WLP shipments and MagnaChip Treasury letter09:15 30-Aug-21
-2 Akoustis MU-MIMO carrier grade WiFi 6E win07:38 27-Aug-21
-3 market leverage, Akoustis 2Q21 schedule and Orbital results14:15 16-Aug-21
?3 Resonant 2Q21 results17:42 11-Aug-21
?3 Resonant Product Development VP and Orbital solar contract09:33 09-Aug-21
?3 jobs report and Orbital 2Q21 schedule09:00 06-Aug-21
?3 Amdocs 3Q21 results16:40 04-Aug-21
?1 eMagin 2Q21 schedule and trade-focused previews & follow-ups11:44 03-Aug-21
?3 Resonant 2Q21 schedule, VOD OMIB and more09:14 02-Aug-21
+1 MACom 3Q21 results09:59 29-Jul-21
-3 Orbital Direct Offering, plus Golar & New Fortress notes15:41 21-Jul-21
+3 Resonant, Westport and Lumen news10:04 07-Jul-21
+2 adding AKTS, Resonant WaveX software and pricing notes09:30 22-Jun-21
?1 macro trading thoughts and news13:39 10-Jun-21
+3 Orbital solar contract and Lumen video distribution12:43 09-Jun-21
+2 Himax dividend, plus networking & macro thoughts09:29 03-Jun-21
+3 RESN OMIB, LUMN dividend, plus macro and GLNG perspective10:14 21-May-21
-1 semiconductor shiftiness and new GMLPP symbol16:55 19-May-21
-3 Orbital Energy Group 1Q21 results09:52 17-May-21
?3 Resonant 1Q21 results17:42 12-May-21
?3 Vuzix 1Q21 results and Orbital schedule16:59 10-May-21
-1 1Q21 energy follow ups09:13 07-May-21
?2 Xebec, Intel & Akoustis manufacturing, Resonant 1Q21 schedule and more15:22 03-May-21