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eMagin made cutting edge, high resolution, high brightness AMOLED micro-displays.  Like Universal Display, it started with government contracts and sought to shift to mass production of these screens for consumer virtual and augmented reality applications.  Though my knowledge of markets allowed for some profitable trading, I found myself consistently warning about the long, dilutive path, and many operational hiccups.  Per the last entry, the company was purchased by Samsung Display for no real long term premium.

?3 Samsung Display completes eMagin purchase11:48 18-Oct-23
+4 eMagin bought by Samsung Display for $2.0809:20 17-May-23
-2 PPI and more09:17 15-May-23
?2 jobs, eMagin 1Q23 schedule and more09:17 05-May-23
?2 employment reports and more10:57 10-Mar-23
?2 KNTK options available & post-expiry trade follow-up09:17 23-Feb-23
+2 Himax preliminary 4Q22 results, CPI and more09:30 12-Jan-23
-1 Lumen 4Q22 schedule, Vuzix OEM business and more09:59 10-Jan-23
+2 story stocks and week/year ending trivia16:57 15-Dec-22
+2 GRoDT 3Q22 results and commentary on the week08:30 11-Nov-22
+2 Alphabet 3Q22 results and more09:12 26-Oct-22
+1 New Fortress Hydrogen agreement and other earnings follow up09:58 12-Aug-22
-1 Pelosi landing in Taiwan & Clearway 2Q22 results12:58 02-Aug-22
?2 Amsc 1Q22 schedule and more09:47 29-Jul-22
+1 Xebec and eMagin news11:06 21-Jul-22
+1 Akoustis DARPA contract and trading notes11:59 24-Jun-22
+1 Virtu 2Q22 schedule and Magnachip solar inverter product10:48 17-Jun-22
?1 MACom GaN-on-Si milestone, Himax follow-up and trading notes07:37 13-May-22
?3 Amdocs and eMagin schedules06:37 04-May-22
?2 Ebix red herring and more13:44 11-Mar-22
?2 Vuzix 4Q21 results and eMagin schedule08:17 03-Mar-22
+1 Amsc orders and other GRoDT news09:32 01-Feb-22
-3 New Fortress 4Q21 schedule plus Golar & other updates09:12 20-Jan-22
-2 currencies and weekly wrap10:17 12-Nov-21
+3 BGC Corant closing, Telus 3Q21 and Amdocs schedules plus follow-up and look ahead21:55 01-Nov-21
?2 pre-expiration market notes and GRoDT news09:08 17-Sep-21
-2 AES 2Q21 notes, Clearway OMIB and end of week news dump12:45 13-Aug-21
?3 eMagin 2Q21 schedule and trade-focused previews & follow-ups11:44 03-Aug-21
-2 Ebix 1Q21 schedule, NFE OMIB, Golar execs and trading update12:41 14-May-21
?3 eMagin 1Q21 results08:28 13-May-21
?3 eMagin 1Q21 schedule, plus Google & energy news09:09 05-May-21
-1 Lumen & MACom schedules, Resonant update, and more11:51 13-Apr-21
+3 eMagin 4Q20 results, Schlumberger Lithium, and much more12:51 18-Mar-21
?2 Xebec & eMagin 4Q20 schedules, server move, and much more14:02 11-Mar-21
+1 GRoDT schedules, Clearway 4Q20 results and more16:22 02-Mar-21
?1 Tina vs Eve: thoughts on inequality00:46 07-Dec-20
-3 eMagin 3Q20 results08:25 12-Nov-20
?2 election implications, GRoDT schedules & news, plus Q&A09:45 09-Nov-20
-1 Samsung to supply Huawei and other display news20:49 26-Oct-20
-2 Weichai disclaimer, plus eMagin and other follow-ups09:02 23-Sep-20
?3 MagnaChip BLU products and eMagin display industry update10:39 15-Sep-20
+3 eMagin 2Q20 results09:44 13-Aug-20
?2 Golar & eMagin 2Q20 schedules, and earnings follow up20:07 06-Aug-20
+3 EMAN short squeeze, MACom products and MX OMIBs19:31 05-Aug-20
+4 eMagin defense contract, Nokia schedule and more11:09 27-Jul-20
-2 virus and market update12:54 30-Jun-20
+3 renewable natural gas website changes22:26 11-Jun-20
?2 Clearway out of residential solar and more value06:25 20-May-20
+1 Vuzix 4Q19 results and much more12:39 17-Mar-20
+1 CTL OMIBs and reality vs finance17:35 16-Mar-20
+1 reevaluating AES, ABB, and others09:19 10-Mar-20
-2 Vuzix, eMagin & Westport schedules and much more10:08 06-Mar-20
?2 Vodafone & Himax partnerships plus CWEN & EMAN crazy talk08:06 23-Jan-20
+1 Himax 4Q19 projection plus CES & more Ebix11:45 07-Jan-20
+1 CUI compliance and more20:37 17-Dec-19
+1 BGC in Japan, plus other earnings and macro09:44 07-Nov-19
-1 Resonant shipments & 3Q19 schedule plus EMAN & AUO09:08 21-Oct-19
?1 earnings follow-ups, plus bull/bear and macro discussions09:12 12-Aug-19
?1 AMOLED prep news and hydrocarbon follow-ups12:01 29-Apr-19
-4 pre-macro news dump11:03 04-Apr-19
-1 PG&E proposal and other news07:09 28-Mar-19
?3 pick list earnings, AES correction & NMRK record date?09:26 08-Nov-18
?2 UDC 3Q18 results and industry notes02:24 02-Nov-18
?3 pre-jobs report news flush19:04 04-Oct-18
+1 new CUI agreement, eMagin 2Q18 results, previews & follow-ups09:20 09-Aug-18
?1 eMagin schedules 2Q18 report and CTL article07:04 07-Aug-18
?2 Himax and eMagin 1Q18 results08:50 10-May-18
?3 EMAN OMIBs and macro market pricing notes11:26 23-Mar-18
?1 current news and long-term investment strategy15:30 19-Mar-18
-3 EMAN, OLED and BGCP09:26 25-Jan-18
?3 eMagin preliminary 4Q17 results and updated prospectus08:37 19-Jan-18
+1 2018 week two09:56 08-Jan-18
-5 eMagin dilution18:11 29-Dec-17
-4 eMagin 3Q17 report14:08 10-Nov-17
+1 Resonant and eMagin news09:31 31-Oct-17
?3 eMagin schedules 3Q17 report and more11:26 30-Oct-17
-1 EMAN dilution and more17:58 14-Aug-17
?3 eMagin 2Q17 results11:00 10-Aug-17
?1 Westport, MicroVision and more09:47 14-Jul-17
?4 Resonant, eMagin and more09:09 19-May-17
+2 eMagin and Himax 1Q17 results09:30 11-May-17
+4 eMagin 4Q16 results09:46 28-Mar-17
?3 pick list earnings and more12:01 24-Mar-17
?3 CES 2017 Preview15:07 04-Jan-17
?2 shopping list and macro update13:25 22-Aug-16
?4 eMagin 2Q16 results11:44 11-Aug-16
+2 eMagin demonstrates and ships samples09:35 02-Jun-16
+7 eMagin Inks VR Licensing Agreement15:34 06-Jan-16
+4 new AMOLED speculative opportunity11:59 11-Jun-15