Amdocs and eMagin schedules ?3

Amdocs has scheduled its fiscal second quarter report for the evening of May 11th.  Estimates from a half dozen analysts average out to $1.25 of EPS from $1.1b of revenue, which is expected to remain flat this quarter, though profitability is expected to increase almost 10%.  I'm not buying it just yet, but recent declines bring DOX close to current fair value in my eyes.  I will cover the call at least briefly in order to update my assessment of 5G deployment and competition, particularly with Nokia.

eMagin has scheduled its first quarter report for the following morning, May 12th.  No analysts still cover the company and EMAN now trades just below 90 cents, in line with my outlook.  However, the last item on Korean equipment maker SNU Precision's web page shows a deposition system which looks like eMagin's direct patterning technology as Coming Soon.  Here is the translation:

Vacuum deposition equipment for Wafer

Introduction Si Wafer-based vacuum deposition system allows you to produce OLEDoS (OLED on Silicon) for metabus-era VR, AR, MR, and XR implementations
  • Evaporator for Real RGB OLEDoS
  • High precision Align System for Wafer
  • 200mm~300mm Si Wafer Response R/D and mass production lineup
Application OLEDoS vacuum deposition process

Recall that eMagin signed an unspecified development agreement at the end of October, 2017 with a tier-1 consumer electronics company which would generate revenue if eMagin's technology was commercialized.  Even if this speculation is confirmed, licensing or other terms would be needed to establish a fundamental value.  I will go back to covering at least this eMagin call in order to investigate.