jobs, eMagin 1Q23 schedule and more -2

This morning's April jobs reports continued to communicate a tight labor market with the unemployment rate falling by a tenth to 3.4% rather than increasing by that much, and 253K jobs added rather than 180K.  Earnings increased by half a percent sequentially, rather than a third, and the Employment/Population ratio and Participation rates were both unchanged.  None of this helps the case for Fed pausing, but we'll see what we get from the CPI & PPI reports next week.

eMagin has scheduled its first quarter report for the morning of May 11th.  I see two analyst estimates expecting the company to lose a penny or two per share, from $7.6M of revenue, increasing to $7.7M this quarter.  A little more interesting is the company finally getting new demo devices out of the new development system it has been working on for so long.  This improved brightness by 50% for another record.  Management says that production equipment has been shipped and should be installed by year end.  I probably won't write about the report unless I hear something surprising, but there is still a window for military applications here.