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GRoDT stands for Get Rich or Die Trying.  This section is for unprofitable companies which I think have a chance at hitting it big.  OLED and ERII are examples of companies which have commercialized their technologies and at least quintupled their stock prices while I covered them.  However, even when a technology or product is successful, other factors can wind up being more important.  Investors need to recognize that these are the riskiest investments, and accept the possibility of losing ALL capital invested in these stocks. 

?3 last XONE entry12:11 02-Sep-17
-4 ExOne 2Q17 results10:45 10-Aug-17
?3 ExOne, eMagin schedule 2Q17 and oil notes09:38 27-Jul-17
?3 ExOne 1Q17 results11:21 11-May-17
?2 ExOne schedules 1Q17 report16:59 27-Apr-17
-3 ExOne 4Q16 results09:31 17-Mar-17
?3 ExOne schedules 4Q16 report16:58 02-Mar-17
?2 ExOne consolidating PSC operations15:04 30-Jan-17
?3 ExOne 3Q16 results09:34 10-Nov-16
?3 ExOne schedules 3Q16 report07:54 27-Oct-16
+2 ExOne introduces fine-powder Innovent and SS316L08:37 06-Oct-16
?3 XONE rises as GE buys AM companies10:00 06-Sep-16
+2 Open Market XONE buy from incoming CEO14:05 25-Aug-16
+2 ExOne management changes08:31 19-Aug-16
?2 ExOne 2Q16 results09:53 10-Aug-16
?2 ExOne schedules 2Q16 report07:34 27-Jul-16
+1 ExOne gets Missile Defense contract16:36 21-Jul-16
?3 ExOne 1Q16 results16:58 10-May-16
?3 ExOne schedules 1Q16 report17:18 27-Apr-16
+1 ExOne machine at new GE center?11:45 07-Apr-16
-4 ExOne 4Q15 presentation08:19 23-Mar-16
?5 ExOne 4Q15 results17:42 22-Mar-16
-1 ExOne delays 4Q15 report17:21 14-Mar-16
?3 ExOne sets date for 4Q15 report16:40 02-Mar-16
?1 ExOne printer makes largest titanium part21:22 20-Jan-16
?2 Rockwell buys $13M XONE shares17:17 11-Jan-16
-6 ExOne files to dilute shareholders08:19 11-Jan-16
-2 ExOne reports shipments for Q408:24 06-Jan-16
-5 ExOne conference call notes09:47 10-Nov-15
-7 ExOne 3Q15 results16:59 09-Nov-15
?7 ExOne schedules 3Q15 report17:11 29-Oct-15
?3 ExOne opens $15M credit facility09:18 26-Oct-15
-2 XONE market dynamics11:11 19-Oct-15
?3 NYS to build $125M AM plant16:50 05-Oct-15
+4 ExOne adds CHP binders11:24 09-Sep-15
+4 Second open market insider buy for XONE16:54 27-Aug-15
+6 Open market insider buy in XONE11:33 26-Aug-15
+3 ExOne to open new PSC with Swerea16:22 18-Aug-15
-7 ExOne 2Q15 report16:30 10-Aug-15
+2 ExOne Opens DREAM Center11:08 30-Jul-15
?7 ExOne schedules 2Q15 report07:55 28-Jul-15
+4 ExOne Qualifies Water Wash-out Tooling Process10:11 01-Jul-15
-5 ExOne 1Q15 Conference Call Notes09:43 12-Jun-15
-5 ExOne misses big again17:00 11-Jun-15
-5 ExOne postpones 1Q15 report to early June18:34 11-May-15
-4 ExOne files S-3 for up to $150M16:41 10-Apr-15
?6 ExOne Slowly Approaching an Inflection Point11:04 17-Mar-15
-5 ExOne misses again17:39 16-Mar-15
+4 ExOne Announces Exerial09:47 05-Mar-15
+4 ExOne announces 6 new materials16:47 18-Feb-15
+2 ExOne certifies two more PSCs09:20 10-Feb-15