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Superconductor Technologies is worked on cutting edge superconducting wires under the brand name "Conductus".  Although the product interested me, management has engaged in round after round of toxic financing, thereby diluting SCON shareholders and forcing me to issue many warnings about the stock long before most of the damage was done. 

For those inclined to dismiss dilution as matter of course for GRoDT stocks, this is an excerpt from my "crux climax?" note on 13-Mar-2019, which still has other private analysis:

As an addendum, I will also monitor, but probably not write about the Superconductor Technologies 4Q18 report on the morning of Thursday, March 21.  I monitor a great many such events (so you don't have to) and NOT writing about them separately when they shouldn't be market moving is part of the value this service provides.  I mention STI for the first time in over 3 years for two reasons:

  1. Management made vague promises about giving quantified wire yields on this call, which could allow for a very rough calculation on time to profitability, and thus be market moving.
  2. As a reminder about the danger of dilution.  SCON has retained only $1 for every $400 invested since I first warned 4 years ago, and less than $1 for every $4000 over 10 years, over ~20 years since the dotccom bubble burst, it's more $1 of a million.
I make these points as a reminder about the dangers of GRoDT stocks, especially in the environment we are headed toward.  For SCON, even if #1 winds up being positive almost none of the value from #2 is coming back.

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