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GRoDT stands for Get Rich or Die Trying.  This section is for unprofitable companies which I think have a chance at hitting it big.  OLED and ERII are examples of companies which have commercialized their technologies and at least quintupled their stock prices while I covered them.  However, even when a technology or product is successful, other factors can wind up being more important.  Investors need to recognize that these are the riskiest investments, and accept the possibility of losing ALL capital invested in these stocks. 

?3 ExOne opens $15M credit facility09:18 26-Oct-15
+2 STI inks distribution agreement11:13 22-Oct-15
+2 Sony MPCL1 now shipping12:28 20-Oct-15
-2 XONE market dynamics11:11 19-Oct-15
-5 STI dilutes again12:16 09-Oct-15
+3 new product: RoBoHon10:42 06-Oct-15
?3 NYS to build $125M AM plant16:50 05-Oct-15
+1 Pico-Pro back up to 4th best-seller12:13 04-Oct-15
+2 First Sony part now available?08:28 11-Sep-15
+4 ExOne adds CHP binders11:24 09-Sep-15
+4 Second open market insider buy for XONE16:54 27-Aug-15
+6 Open market insider buy in XONE11:33 26-Aug-15
+3 ExOne to open new PSC with Swerea16:22 18-Aug-15
-3 Superconductor Tech 2Q15 Call07:42 13-Aug-15
-7 ExOne 2Q15 report16:30 10-Aug-15
+2 ExOne Opens DREAM Center11:08 30-Jul-15
+3 MicroVision 2Q15 earnings call09:24 29-Jul-15
?7 ExOne schedules 2Q15 report07:55 28-Jul-15
+2 Sony MPCL1 price, specs and release date11:57 27-Jul-15
+2 Sony demo of MicroVision-based projector21:21 23-Jul-15
?1 MicroVision schedules 2Q15 report08:56 22-Jul-15
+6 STI announces progress on multiple fronts12:26 20-Jul-15
?5 Superconductor Tech rumors and reality22:54 05-Jul-15
+4 ExOne Qualifies Water Wash-out Tooling Process10:11 01-Jul-15
-4 Lenovo uses smaller STMicro module, not Microvision12:04 23-Jun-15
?5 The important part of this morning's STI update13:07 22-Jun-15
-5 ExOne 1Q15 Conference Call Notes09:43 12-Jun-15
-5 ExOne misses big again17:00 11-Jun-15
+4 new AMOLED speculative opportunity11:59 11-Jun-15
+3 Lenovo SmartCast initiative10:59 28-May-15
-5 ExOne postpones 1Q15 report to early June18:34 11-May-15
+2 Microvision CapEx response and new SA article16:19 05-May-15
?3 Microvision opens new ATM facility09:39 05-May-15
?3 MVIS 1Q15 notes09:30 30-Apr-15
?4 pre-earnings market dynamics17:39 22-Apr-15
-4 ExOne files S-3 for up to $150M16:41 10-Apr-15
?5 MicroVision Warrant Exercise09:27 08-Apr-15
?3 Early March Short Data11:34 25-Mar-15
+4 MVIS rebate rate to 16%09:41 23-Mar-15
?6 ExOne Slowly Approaching an Inflection Point11:04 17-Mar-15
-5 ExOne misses again17:39 16-Mar-15
+3 MVIS up on order data08:36 16-Mar-15
+5 Microvision short data and article13:30 13-Mar-15
+3 MVIS 4Q14 Update10:39 10-Mar-15
+8 new pick - Microvision11:08 05-Mar-15
+4 ExOne Announces Exerial09:47 05-Mar-15
+4 ExOne announces 6 new materials16:47 18-Feb-15
-7 SCON warrants10:11 17-Feb-15
+2 ExOne certifies two more PSCs09:20 10-Feb-15
+3 pick list19:39 20-Jan-15