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MicroVision designed and produced pico-projectors based on MEMs (micro mechanical systems) and lasers.  These are distinguished from conventional projectors by producing images which are always in focus (no adjustment from the user required).  As such, the product focus is on mobile consumer devices.  Microvision's technology may also aspired to 3D scanning applications.

I became interested in the technology when Sony's involvement validated the technology, and profited handsomely during that management's tenure, which involved a reasonable approach to growth.  However, early warnings had me playing hands off a few years later, and experience made me want nothing to do with later management.


?3 market strategy for untrod ground21:54 17-Feb-21
-1 EMAN short squeeze, MACom products and MX OMIBs19:31 05-Aug-20
?2 Fitbit & macro update13:05 04-Jun-20
-3 MVIS, the Fed, oil, next week and beyond16:57 09-Apr-20
?2 ADP, Fitbit Charge, and more09:06 02-Apr-20
-7 MicroVision product termination and more16:31 25-Feb-20
-1 Vuzix 4Q19 schedule, RESN OMIB and geopolitics16:11 14-Feb-20
+2 Ebix 4Q19 schedule and reality shifts20:04 12-Feb-20
+1 jobs and follow-ups09:40 07-Feb-20
-1 new Fenics market maker plus trade & competition09:35 21-Jan-20
-2 Vuzix and other warnings ignored so far12:38 10-Jan-20
?2 Himax 4Q19 projection plus CES & more Ebix11:45 07-Jan-20
-3 more MVIS dilution19:13 27-Dec-19
?2 MVIS delisting plus currencies and telecoms09:45 16-Dec-19
?1 PG&E financing, RESN thoughts, CUI & MVIS OMIBs and value16:48 19-Nov-19
-2 MVIS OMIB and earnings follow-ups13:06 14-Nov-19
+2 Vuzix 3Q19 results and Hololens 2 available02:09 08-Nov-19
?4 MicroVision 3Q19 results04:50 07-Nov-19
?2 MicroVision 3Q19 schedule, SupTech endgame & FOMC05:46 31-Oct-19
-2 MACOM 3Q19 schedule, GMLP distribution, CUI & MVIS notes17:32 23-Jul-19
?1 crux update and MicroVision 2Q19 schedule13:17 15-Jul-19
-3 Ebix hit by trade wars and more nonsense14:56 17-Jun-19
-2 more MVIS dilution, STI and Covanta pre-earnings notes18:49 23-Apr-19
-1 MicroVision 1Q19 results and ATM14:15 17-Apr-19
?3 MicroVision 1Q19 schedule and the Sargasso market15:54 12-Apr-19
?3 MicroVision 4Q18 results19:30 05-Mar-19
+2 Ebix preview and MicroVision pilot LiDAR09:23 28-Feb-19
?1 MicroVision schedules 4Q18 report, regains compliance13:50 27-Feb-19
-1 new Resonant licenses and the mobile market09:07 03-Jan-19
-1 new stock, website structure and MVIS deficiency13:42 31-Dec-18
-5 energy markets, CUI and global trading10:17 07-Dec-18
-3 MicroVision dilutes, Schlumberger warns, CVA drops18:34 04-Dec-18
-1 Himax OMIBs on the way, and other notes09:17 30-Nov-18
-2 MicroVision 3Q18 results17:46 25-Oct-18
?2 MicroVision & ABB schedule 3Q18 report, more of the same09:58 18-Oct-18
+3 MicroVision OMIB18:35 09-Aug-18
-3 MicroVision 2Q18 results16:50 31-Jul-18
?2 MicroVision schedules 2Q18 report09:29 24-Jul-18
-2 MicroVision closes share offering16:30 14-Jun-18
-3 MicroVision $18M stock offering17:02 07-Jun-18
-1 MicroVision 1Q18 results20:58 09-May-18
+4 MicroVision exclusive display licensing deal09:45 09-May-18
+1 pick list housekeeping notes09:59 03-May-18
-2 MicroVision schedules 1Q18 report and Fitbit followup18:58 02-May-18
+2 MicroVision samples hi-res scanner17:07 26-Apr-18
-3 2 months in, at least 2 to go, and more11:34 04-Apr-18
-2 MicroVision 4Q17 report20:06 22-Feb-18
?4 MicroVision schedules 4Q17 report16:29 15-Feb-18
-2 MicroVision withdraws S3 and files S106:47 05-Feb-18
-3 MicroVision, Resonant announcements and more09:46 18-Jan-18
+2 CES-inspired macro thoughts18:43 15-Jan-18
-4 more MVIS dilution and new email source10:58 19-Nov-17
?3 new CEO at MicroVision08:42 15-Nov-17
?4 MicroVision 3Q17 report13:38 02-Nov-17
?3 MicroVision schedules 3Q17 report10:07 26-Oct-17
?2 MicroVision signs distribution agreement with WPG09:30 13-Sep-17
-2 MicroVision places, Qualcomm and Himax collaborate19:24 30-Aug-17
-3 more MicroVision dilution17:41 15-Aug-17
+2 MicroVision 2Q17 report09:11 03-Aug-17
?3 MicroVision schedules 2Q17 report10:37 27-Jul-17
+2 Westport, MicroVision and more09:47 14-Jul-17
+3 MicroVision begins shipping customized display engines10:02 27-Jun-17
+3 MicroVision terminating ATM16:30 13-Jun-17
-2 another ATM from MicroVision09:36 01-May-17
?3 MicroVision 1Q17 report08:53 27-Apr-17
+6 MicroVision schedules 1Q17 report, plus new contract09:19 20-Apr-17
+5 MicroVision gets first order for new display09:28 15-Mar-17
+1 MicroVison 4Q16 results09:31 06-Mar-17
?3 MicroVision schedule 4Q16 report19:11 27-Feb-17
?2 market news dump10:48 26-Jan-17
?3 CES 2017 Preview15:07 04-Jan-17
+3 MicroVision ships samples09:58 27-Dec-16
+2 MicroVision insider buys21:54 14-Dec-16
-6 MicroVision files to dilute again09:35 09-Dec-16
+4 MicroVision license agreement could be the Magic Leap09:27 21-Nov-16