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Growth stocks are harder to value than those with significant yield, but they can offer some of the best opportunities.  This section is for profitable companies which have a chance outgrowing the overall economy and thus rising faster than the market.

It should be noted that the reason for there being more public examples in this section than in Yield is because of the naturally greater rate of turnover.  The majority of my analysis and funds are generally allocated to high-yield value investments which offer growth in addition to income.

?4 BGC outlook, OLED TV developments, and more Polestar20:38 30-Dec-21
?4 Google Fitbit purchase complete, 4Q20 schedule, more09:37 14-Jan-21
?4 Fitbit & Google 1Q20 schedules07:45 27-Apr-20
+5 Fitbit sold to Google and AMSC 2Q19 schedule09:29 01-Nov-19
-4 VOD, FIT and macro follow-up possibilities06:52 01-Aug-19
-4 Fitbit 4Q18 results16:30 27-Feb-19
+5 Fitbit 3Q18 results16:37 31-Oct-18
+6 Renesas to buy IDT for $49 per share & FIT updates07:08 11-Sep-18
+7 A $6b buyout for IDT?08:07 31-Aug-18
?4 Versa and the Race Against Time20:29 28-May-18
+4 Fitbit+Google, Resonant 1Q18 schedule and more09:33 30-Apr-18
-4 Fitbit 4Q17 report16:52 26-Feb-18
?4 CES-inspired macro thoughts18:43 15-Jan-18
-5 Fitbit software outlook19:09 03-Dec-17
+4 IDT 2Q18 report17:16 30-Oct-17
-4 Fitbit pre-earnings wrap-up and article02:02 23-Oct-17
+4 Fitbit part of FDA pilot program13:36 26-Sep-17
?4 Ionic available Oct 1, SDK tomorrow10:26 25-Sep-17
+5 Fitbit Ionic, Flyer and Aria2 launch09:27 28-Aug-17
-4 LGD plant accident and outlook08:59 28-Jun-17
-6 SID and LG Display Wrap11:53 30-May-17
?4 pick list earnings and schedule23:47 25-May-17
?4 INVN pricing13:50 13-Feb-17
?6 INVN rumor and 3Q17 report08:44 03-Feb-17
+7 TDK to buy InvenSense for $13 per share09:35 21-Dec-16
+4 Samsung turns to LG Display for LCDs?08:57 15-Dec-16
-4 Note 7 debacle ripples through the industry12:49 11-Oct-16
+4 ZTE selects IDT RapidIO and more09:21 03-Oct-16
+4 Coursa Retail gets press recognition15:00 20-Sep-16
?5 LG to sell QDTVs, AMOLEDs remain premium11:58 08-Sep-16
-5 IDT 1Q17 results18:04 01-Aug-16
-6 InvenSense 4Q16 results17:13 09-May-16
?7 pre-earnings thoughts on INVN and Coursa14:57 03-May-16
+6 IDT 4Q16 results17:31 02-May-16
+4 LPL opportunity10:45 14-Apr-16
+5 INVN open market insider buy17:10 09-Feb-16
+4 a quick chat with InvenSense20:27 03-Feb-16
+4 new pick list stock12:14 03-Feb-16
+6 InvenSense announces Coursa Retail09:34 14-Jan-16
?5 InvenSense schedules 3Q16 report18:08 11-Jan-16
+4 LG Display & Samsung to supply iPhone screens08:11 30-Dec-15
+4 Huawei licenses InvenSense Positioning Library09:29 09-Dec-15
+4 new InvenSense product category10:37 03-Dec-15
+4 LG Display makes P10 official22:11 26-Nov-15
+4 InvenSense Conference Announcements16:51 17-Nov-15
-4 Apple component order cutback09:05 10-Nov-15
+4 InvenSense 2Q16 results17:53 28-Oct-15
+4 pre-earnings notes & press releases10:04 28-Oct-15
?4 transaction and earnings preview14:54 19-Oct-15
+4 Heart rate sensor correction for wearables10:23 14-Oct-15
+4 Europe's largest TV maker to use AMOLEDs12:37 25-Sep-15
+5 InvenSense iPhone 6S win confirmed03:52 25-Sep-15
+4 DisplayMate confirms the superiority of AMOLED TV09:53 23-Sep-15
+4 InvenSense's latest design win at Amazon17:22 04-Sep-15
?4 Points to look for at Apple's Event & Beyond12:31 02-Sep-15
+5 INVN max pain17:13 20-Aug-15
?4 LG Display to focus on AMOLED10:27 17-Aug-15
?7 INVN morning notes09:09 05-Aug-15
?5 InvenSense 1Q16 results16:53 04-Aug-15
+5 Barron's sees at least 40% upside for LPL07:25 03-Aug-15
-4 The AMOLED LCD Wars Progress23:50 05-Jul-15
?4 iPhone 6S prototype and INVN market data21:25 05-Jul-15
+4 2Q15 panel report very positive for LG Display09:53 30-Jun-15
+4 new AMOLED monitors12:03 18-Jun-15
?4 InvenSense S-8 theories and stock movement11:52 15-Jun-15
-4 Next-gen Sensor Designer Acquired, by Google?14:17 03-Jun-15
?4 new InvenSense website and battlefronts17:21 14-May-15
?5 InvenSense 4Q15 report09:37 05-May-15
+4 InvenSense takeaways from the Apple report21:00 27-Apr-15
+4 LG Display earnings call12:30 27-Apr-15
?5 Projected InvenSense earnings & dynamics15:28 10-Apr-15
+4 New AMOLED-related pick list stock12:58 09-Mar-15
+4 InvenSense introduces new SoC and Positioning Software02:32 02-Mar-15
+5 PPO acquired09:05 23-Feb-15
+5 Apple Review, InvenSense Preview00:01 28-Jan-15