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LG Display & Samsung to supply iPhone screens +4

Reuters and many others are citing a report from Korea's Electronic Times, which says that Samsung and LG Display are close to signing a joint agreement with Apple over supplying iPhone screens.  Korean press can be sketchy, but the details of this report seem believable.  I would think joint supply would mean that LG Display and Samsung would have to standardize on the screen recipe.  For instance, I don't think LG Display has not used UDC's green emitters to date, Samsung definitely has.  The report also says that Apple will contribute funds toward converting production lines, and that panels could start to be delivered as early as 2017, though mass production is set for the more commonly anticipated 2018 start date. 

This is likely to be a positive for LPL and OLED, though LPL remains the better investment due to relative valuation.  It does not affect my thesis on AUO, which is longer term.