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Fitbit sold to Google and AMSC 2Q19 schedule +5

Fitbit has announced that it is being sold to Google for $7.35/share in cash.  The transaction is expected to close sometime next year.  This is a bit higher than I expected, but ultimately it still validates my decision to drop the stock where I did, at around the same level.  I'll be happy to send the section to the public section of the website, along with others.

AMSC has scheduled the report on its second fiscal quarter to be given after market close on Tuesday, November 5th.  The average estimates from 3 analysts covering the company call are for a loss of 32 cents per share from $13.5M in revenue, increasing to $15.9M this quarter.  Hopefully subscribers benefited from my commentary on management and not chasing the rise above $9 just over a week ago, as well as the accurate $8 fair value.  That said, there is lots of potential for that fair value to change with this report, so I will be sure to have notes out in real time.