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Fitbit Ionic, Flyer and Aria2 launch +5

Fitbit has launched its smart-watch, dubbed Ionic, today, which is rather earlier than expected.  It is accompanied by Flyer wireless headphones and the Aria 2 WiFi enable smart scale.  Only the watch matters to me and looks to have everything I was hoping for, including improved sensors, 4 days of battery life, payments and a microphone.  Some may chafe at the square design, but that has been a given all along.  We'll start to be able to judge the reception immediately as the device is available for pre-order tomorrow for $299.95 and will be in stores come October.  

FIT shares are up a couple of percent so far this morning, but I think the market is caught by surprise on the timing and the reaction will play out over the course the week.  Any peeks we can get at order data will of course be crucial.