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My coverage of Fitbit will remain ongoing until Google's purchase of the company is complete.

I originally classified FIT as moving from a Growth toward a GRoDT stock, despite a fairly solid balance sheet.  This is because I saw fitness trackers as a dying device category, and the company's ability to compete in more general purpose wearables as unproven.  Nonetheless, I projected that the company could design best-in-class hardware, and I think the Ionic smart watch bears me out on that point.  Software is another matter, but the acquisition of Pebble (amongst other) assets at VERY favorable terms gave me hope on that front.  Unfortunately, FitBit really failed to deliver in terms of software.  My real-world research on both the Ionic and Versa smartwatches enabled CrowdWisers to be way out ahead in predicting the company's lackluster results as it tried to maintain market share while developing partnerships against competitors with deeper pockets.  That in turn enabled a profitable exit despite the failed growth story.

The situation since then led many to swing trade volatility in FIT, but my experience on Wall St. tells me that is a dangerous game which, over the longer term, usually winds up benefiting Big Money rather than individual investors.  The limited volumes associated with pre-merger arbitrage are an entirely different story, though, and there may yet be substantial opportunities of the sort that emerged with INVN.  If you would like free notifications when this site is updated, feel free to email me.  I do this to help people; so your address will never be shared or used for anything else, and I will delete the mail list entirely once FIT ceases to be independently listed.

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