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LG to sell QDTVs, AMOLEDs remain premium ?5

The Korean press is reporting that LG will sell quantum dot televisions next year.  I view this as a competitive move against Samsung.  LG's sets will use quantum dots as a color filter, and will probably be cheaper than the QLED versions that Samsung has considered, where the quantum dot material emits light directly.  LG probably hopes put price pressure on Samsung via similar naming while keeping its AMOLED sets at the top of the food chain.

Behind all this is Merck KGaA, which is playing both of sides of the war by developing materials and technology for each type of display.  The company recently completed its OLED materials plant in Germany, and is progressing on soluble (printed) materials.  My impression is that Merck is behind Kyulux in this area as it is still researching and hiring, and has not discussed any quantified time lines for introduction.  Merck will probably also receive less support from Germany than Kyulux will from Japan.

Thus, my outlook for LPL investors is that the stock is beginning to become interesting again.  It should have another dividend coming up at year end, and LG Display is continuing to increase AMOLED TV production and begin sales to many third parties.  It's tough to say where the bottom will be, but I think the long term thesis is still intact.