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Growth stocks are harder to value than those with significant yield, but they can offer some of the best opportunities.  This section is for profitable companies which have a chance outgrowing the overall economy and thus rising faster than the market.

It should be noted that the reason for there being more public examples in this section than in Yield is because of the naturally greater rate of turnover.  The majority of my analysis and funds are generally allocated to high-yield value investments which offer growth in addition to income.

+5 Fitbit 3Q18 results16:37 31-Oct-18
?3 Playing Devil's Advocate with Golar LNG09:16 30-Oct-18
+1 Resonant schedules 3Q18 report and more08:55 30-Oct-18
-1 a history lesson, plus IDTI, BGCP and Golar updates08:42 29-Oct-18
?3 Fitbit schedules 3Q18 report17:22 16-Oct-18
-1 recapping last week and looking beyond this one21:01 15-Oct-18
?2 pre-jobs report news flush19:04 04-Oct-18
+1 CUI Samson agreement, OMIB and more macro09:37 20-Sep-18
+3 Fitbit Care and Humana10:24 19-Sep-18
+6 Renesas to buy IDT for $49 per share & FIT updates07:08 11-Sep-18
+1 IDTI follow-up, VOD OMIB, and website changes09:33 04-Sep-18
+7 A $6b buyout for IDT?08:07 31-Aug-18
+1 new product, FOMC and CTL thoughts11:22 21-Aug-18
+1 AES LNG terminal the 1st of many? not so fast...14:13 17-Aug-18
+2 Fitbit 2Q18 results16:57 01-Aug-18
?3 Covanta and IDT earnings follow-ups, minor BGC & CTL news12:27 31-Jul-18
+2 IDT 1Q19 report17:00 30-Jul-18
+1 ephemeral opportunity in AT&T and more10:31 25-Jul-18
?2 minor IDT, Fitbit, CenturyLink and UDC news12:02 23-Jul-18
?2 Fitbit schedules 2Q18 report20:17 17-Jul-18
?3 IDT schedules 1Q19 report & more macro musing08:36 09-Jul-18
+1 many new agreements, few opportunities07:43 19-Jun-18
?1 Fitbit & Google: What Citron Got Right, and Wrong10:30 16-Jun-18
-1 stuff that shouldn't matter08:41 15-Jun-18
?2 mergers, OMIBs, telecoms and rates06:11 14-Jun-18
+1 Fitbit Ace, MVIS, CTL, AES and Bitcoin notes10:29 11-Jun-18
?2 Fitbit, AES and BGC thoughts09:44 06-Jun-18
?3 electronics and the trade war10:03 04-Jun-18
?4 Versa and the Race Against Time20:29 28-May-18
+2 IDT Sony win and CVA OMIB19:09 07-May-18
-2 MicroVision schedules 1Q18 report and Fitbit followup18:58 02-May-18
?2 Fitbit 1Q18 results17:07 02-May-18
+3 IDT 4Q18 report17:45 30-Apr-18
+4 Fitbit+Google, Resonant 1Q18 schedule and more09:33 30-Apr-18
-3 FitBit outage and GasPT certification05:54 25-Apr-18
?3 Fitbit schedules 1Q18 report19:55 16-Apr-18
+1 UDC annual meeting and more09:30 16-Apr-18
+3 Xiaomi selects IDT wireless charging15:53 04-Apr-18
?2 IDT 4Q18 schedule and Covanta followup16:57 02-Apr-18
+3 Versa and Ace official09:21 13-Mar-18
+1 more product updates: CUI, FIT, IDTI, AES, CTL09:14 12-Mar-18
?2 Fitbit Versa plus competition and pricing notes06:49 09-Mar-18
+1 executive changes09:54 06-Mar-18
?2 macro follow up plus FIT & CUI notes09:31 05-Mar-18
?2 follow up earnings and CEO thoughts19:48 27-Feb-18
-4 Fitbit 4Q17 report16:52 26-Feb-18
?3 Resonant schedules 4Q17 report and more03:16 19-Feb-18
?3 Fitbit acquires Twine Health09:36 13-Feb-18
?3 Fitbit schedules 4Q17 report11:20 09-Feb-18
?2 earnings follow-ups and preview notes09:58 02-Feb-18