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Growth stocks are harder to value than those with significant yield, but they can offer some of the best opportunities.  This section is for profitable companies which have a chance outgrowing the overall economy and thus rising faster than the market.

It should be noted that the reason for there being more public examples in this section than in Yield is because of the naturally greater rate of turnover.  The majority of my analysis and funds are generally allocated to high-yield value investments which offer growth in addition to income.

?3 LG Display 2Q15 results and new fab10:10 23-Jul-15
?3 INVN opportunity tomorrow morning?23:07 21-Jul-15
+3 iFixit confirms InvenSense iPod Win12:15 17-Jul-15
-3 Recent decline in LPL12:01 17-Jul-15
?3 China Knocking on the Screen Door12:01 15-Jul-15
+2 A developing market for InvenSense: Toys10:05 09-Jul-15
?3 InvenSense schedules 1Q16 report09:23 07-Jul-15
?3 LCD pricing and AIT screens in advance of earnings08:51 07-Jul-15
-4 The AMOLED LCD Wars Progress23:50 05-Jul-15
?4 iPhone 6S prototype and INVN market data21:25 05-Jul-15
-3 Xiaomi and InvenSense06:07 02-Jul-15
+4 2Q15 panel report very positive for LG Display09:53 30-Jun-15
-3 LPL price movement13:25 23-Jun-15
+4 new AMOLED monitors12:03 18-Jun-15
?4 InvenSense S-8 theories and stock movement11:52 15-Jun-15
?2 More Competition for InvenSense10:50 10-Jun-15
-4 Next-gen Sensor Designer Acquired, by Google?14:17 03-Jun-15
?3 INVN short data and Google I/O10:24 27-May-15
?4 new InvenSense website and battlefronts17:21 14-May-15
?3 INVN short-term price movement14:48 08-May-15
?5 InvenSense 4Q15 report09:37 05-May-15
-2 InvenSense/STMicro/Watch notes05:43 01-May-15
-1 InvenSense insider sale09:16 29-Apr-15
+4 InvenSense takeaways from the Apple report21:00 27-Apr-15
+4 LG Display earnings call12:30 27-Apr-15
-3 Chipworks says STMicro wins Apple Watch motion slot19:03 26-Apr-15
-3 More on InvenSense and the Watch12:08 24-Apr-15
?5 Projected InvenSense earnings & dynamics15:28 10-Apr-15
+3 InvenSense OIS dedicated part in GS6 Edge06:50 08-Apr-15
+3 Galaxy S6 and OIS12:28 03-Apr-15
+3 Galaxy S6 teardown confirms InvenSense win22:41 02-Apr-15
+3 Apple Media Event Takeaways12:06 10-Mar-15
+4 New AMOLED-related pick list stock12:58 09-Mar-15
?3 Notes from MWC10:18 02-Mar-15
+4 InvenSense introduces new SoC and Positioning Software02:32 02-Mar-15
?3 A new catalyst for InvenSense next week?15:50 27-Feb-15
?2 InvenSense and MWC announcements14:35 24-Feb-15
?2 notes on the InvenSense bounce back13:49 24-Feb-15
+5 PPO acquired09:05 23-Feb-15
+2 apple watch estimates17:45 18-Feb-15
?1 upcoming updates & publications (OLED & INVN)13:50 17-Feb-15
-1 INVN insider sale00:36 13-Feb-15
-1 Sierra Ventures owns 4M+ shares of INVN08:54 10-Feb-15
?1 InvenSense and drones12:09 05-Feb-15
+1 InvenSense at upcoming investor conferences09:55 04-Feb-15
?1 thoughts on this morning's INVN movement11:07 30-Jan-15
+3 InvenSense 3Q comprehensive analysis07:04 30-Jan-15
+3 more InvenSense 3Q15 earnings17:06 29-Jan-15
+3 InvenSense 3Q15 earnings16:14 29-Jan-15
+5 Apple Review, InvenSense Preview00:01 28-Jan-15