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Growth stocks are harder to value than those with significant yield, but they can offer some of the best opportunities.  This section is for profitable companies which have a chance outgrowing the overall economy and thus rising faster than the market.

It should be noted that the reason for there being more public examples in this section than in Yield is because of the naturally greater rate of turnover.  The majority of my analysis and funds are generally allocated to high-yield value investments which offer growth in addition to income.

+1 IDT 3Q18 results17:25 29-Jan-18
?3 AES schedules 4Q17 report and more09:10 26-Jan-18
-3 OLED and FIT followup13:25 24-Jan-18
?4 CES-inspired macro thoughts18:43 15-Jan-18
?2 IDT schedules 3Q18 report16:36 09-Jan-18
+1 2018 week two09:56 08-Jan-18
+3 IDTI, CTL and the cloud09:18 15-Dec-17
-2 stock pricing notes16:10 06-Dec-17
-5 Fitbit software outlook19:09 03-Dec-17
+2 IDT partnership and more08:48 28-Nov-17
?3 Fitbit 3Q17 report02:09 02-Nov-17
+4 IDT 2Q18 report17:16 30-Oct-17
-4 Fitbit pre-earnings wrap-up and article02:02 23-Oct-17
?3 Fitbit schedules 3Q17 report plus more AMOLED news23:33 19-Oct-17
-3 Ionic review23:40 15-Oct-17
-3 FitBit competition, AES dividend and macro09:27 13-Oct-17
?3 IDT schedules 2Q18 report16:29 12-Oct-17
+4 Fitbit part of FDA pilot program13:36 26-Sep-17
?4 Ionic available Oct 1, SDK tomorrow10:26 25-Sep-17
+3 Dexcom Glucose monitoring on Ionic and FIT OMIB09:31 07-Sep-17
?2 another pick list update09:29 01-Sep-17
+5 Fitbit Ionic, Flyer and Aria2 launch09:27 28-Aug-17
+3 an example FIT valuation19:42 21-Aug-17
+3 FitBit potential & CTL explanation00:34 20-Aug-17
?3 minor news and pricing notes11:24 09-Aug-17
+2 IDTI OMIB22:15 03-Aug-17
+3 Fitbit 2Q17 report17:48 02-Aug-17
?2 IDT 1Q18 results12:06 01-Aug-17
?3 FitBit 2Q17 preview and more CTL13:01 25-Jul-17
?1 pick list news and market movements11:23 20-Jul-17
?3 IDT schedules 1Q18 report18:50 11-Jul-17
-4 LGD plant accident and outlook08:59 28-Jun-17
+2 IDT's wireless present and memorable future10:58 27-Jun-17
?3 WPRT, IDTI, INVN and macro10:15 23-Jun-17
?2 CenturyLink 2Q17 schedule, plus Resonant and FitBit news23:05 22-Jun-17
-6 SID and LG Display Wrap11:53 30-May-17
?4 pick list earnings and schedule23:47 25-May-17
?3 SID and other news09:45 22-May-17
+2 Resonant, eMagin and more09:09 19-May-17
?2 InvenSense, Apple and more pick list scheduling08:24 05-May-17
+2 IDT 4Q17 results17:13 01-May-17
+2 LG Display 1Q17 results23:07 26-Apr-17
+3 InvenSense gets regulatory clearances09:36 18-Apr-17
?2 pick list news and pricing11:00 11-Apr-17
?3 LGD, Google, Korea and Japan09:15 11-Apr-17
?3 IDT schedules 4Q17 report16:36 10-Apr-17
?3 pick list news and market outlook14:42 04-Apr-17
+1 InvenSense begins UltraPrint production and more09:31 09-Mar-17
?3 stock pricing and the electronics and political horizons09:01 27-Feb-17
?4 INVN pricing13:50 13-Feb-17