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stock pricing and the electronics and political horizons ?3

There's growing evidence that recent advances in various technology niches, such as wireless charging, sensors, non-volatile memory and new battery types will combine over the next few years to lift the current tech malaise.  Looking further out, the recent synthesis of borophene and subsequent discoveries related to it could represent the biggest advance for semiconductors in a generation, making the upturn the beginning of a new tech super-cycle. In a nutshell, borophene has the potential to help ease the transition of semiconductors into flexible devices while simultaneously making their production far cheaper.

While it's too early to make any attempt at predicting exactly how all the pieces will come together, I'll happily use those thoughts as a preface to an update on the pricing and outlook for several stocks:

Technology that has a practical impact on people's lives, and thus economies, seldom moves forward steadily and smoothly.  Instead, it tends to make leaps forward sometime after multiple advances in disparate areas.  As an example, although wireless communications and Moore's law both improved steadily all through the the 1970s and 80s, mobile communications really took off only after lithium-ion batteries also advanced in the 90's.  Steps forward in sensors, far-field wireless charging, and non-volatile memory look ready to combine with new batteries and improved semiconductor manufacturing to really start moving IoT and wearable computing beyond the prototype stages in the years to come.

From an investing perspective, I contrast this technological potential against the potential for smaller and more rationale government, where my hopes are more conservative and short-term.  There is real benefit to be had in tax breaks, for both corporations and individuals, but they need to be matched with a balanced budget.  The benefits for individuals will also be gradually offset by consistently anti-consumer and divisive policies.  All of this is contingent on U.S. governmental dysfunction not erupting into a full-blown reset in the short term.  Viewed as a whole, the outlook and uncertainty makes me glad of my focus on undervalued income and technology.