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Ionic review -3

My testers have had two weeks with the Fitbit Ionic.  The executive summary is that the finished product is good at what it does, but it won't be for everyone.  That said, I do see evidence to back media reports that Ionic inventory is selling quickly.  I think the Fitbit will get decent sell-through on the Flyer earbuds too, as the microphone in those is necessary for hands-free calls and voice commands.

As I mentioned last week, though, the push to enable true third-party software is just getting underway, though we do see some progress being made in the documentation.  Broad developer support is important for the long run, and the current state of the developer tool set is a source of risk.  This is something that the app developer that I've worked with may give further attention down the road, as what's there now is just beginning to approach usability.

Here's the detail from the certified fitness instructor who tested the Ionic:

For next few months, though, it's sales data and how that flows through to the bottom line that should matter to investors.  The Ionic has a 45-day return policy, and the primary reviewer is still deciding whether or not to keep it.  Investors may be wondering the same thing about their FIT stock.  Again, my guess is that there is enough here for Fitbit to at least maintain its current user base, and that management will present the reception in positive terms during the next report due around the turn of the month.  I think that in turn can at least maintain, and quite possibly improve, the stock price until we get through the holidays and see how the software ecosystem develops.  There the prospects look more uncertain, though not definitely bad.  Time is not on Fitbit's side, though. Shareholders who wish to be safe and who don't mind short-term gains have something to think about, but others who bought in when I first mentioned the stock at the end of last February still have a reasonable shot at larger gains making it to long-term status.