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Dexcom Glucose monitoring on Ionic and FIT OMIB +3

Fitbit has announced that diabetics using Dexcom's continuous glucose monitoring solution will be able to see current data right on their wrist, with Fitbit Ionic, and track the data via the Fitbit platform.

This is the beginnings of the sort of health partnerships I was talking about.  Having the data on its platform may enable Fitbit to start noting broader relationships with the data that it tracks via its own devices.  The end goal is to have more comprehensive health data than has ever been available to society before.  That's a long road, and I still wouldn't go chasing FIT shares above $6 without some preliminary sales data, though.

I've also just noticed that I somehow failed to include an OMIB note in my Aug 21 valuation example.  A director bought just over 18K shares that day, thereby increasing her position by 259%.  My apologies for the late notice.