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IDT partnership and more +2

I don't call out each of the many innovations and announcements spawned from Integrated Device Technology, but this morning's partnership with X-Microwave is worth a mention.  Although it does not bring revenue to IDT directly, I see it as a precursor to the coming wave of 5G and IoT products.  With the FCC opening up more spectrum, we should see development kick into high gear over the next two years.  I'll take a moment to note again that these developments benefit Resonant also.  Some subscribers have also asked about Qualcomm, which I've issued well-timed warnings against in the past.  They should note the comments in the third link in that regard.

IDT is helping Qualcomm try to break into the datacenter as part of the memory interface opportunity that I keep coming back to.  That should combine with wireless charging to produce strong results in 2018.  By contrast, the next wireless communications and sensor booms are probably still a couple of years off in terms of recognizing revenue, but they indicate that IDT's growth is sustainable over the long-term.  I'm still not willing to buy at current prices, but I will continue monitoring for dip opportunities.