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IDT's wireless present and memorable future +2

It's been all about wireless charging lately for Integrated Device Technology, with the company announcing its latest win at LG this morning, and scheduled to speak on the subject next month.  The LG win is minor compared to the continuation of the business with Samsung and, even with today's dip, IDTI is up about 10% from the low I noted on May 17th.  Yet as I mentioned then, wireless charging is not my primary driver for the company and stock. 

A corollary to yesterday's long-term outlook on Intel, is that while processor speeds stagnate and we wait for new architectures, performance will become all about memory access speeds.  This is all the more true in the context of the machine learning investment craze du jour.  To be sure, there has been great progress in the field, but it is more of a software revolution than the hardware one that has garnered so much speculation.  So again, I expect memory interfaces and sensors to provide the real bang in IDT's business in the second half, and for next year.  That may not be immediately useful at current prices, but an IDT specific update seemed in order so that investors can be ready on any further dips.