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Fitbit schedules 2Q18 report ?2

Fitbit has scheduled the report on its second quarter for the evening of August 1st.  On average, analysts are expecting the company to lose 24 cents per share on $285M in sales, with current quarter revenue jumping to $378M. 

Given all the attention on the Versa launch, we might expect guidance to be especially important.  Recall also that Fitbit admitted it will need to continue acquiring in order to pursue its health data aspirations, so I see an announcement along those lines as a possibility. 

A month and a half ago, I had already arrived at the conclusion that the Versa would sell well, and that is broadly anticipated by the market at this point.  Situations like that often lead to overreactions in either direction for the stock.  I also concluded that the momentum is unlikely build beyond this year.  So, while I will cover the report for any short-term opportunities, it would take a real surprise to make it of any lasting interest to me.