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minor IDT, Fitbit, CenturyLink and UDC news ?2

The most interesting news kicking off the week is that Senseonics got FDA approval for its implantable glucose monitoring solution for diabetics.  Sensors seem finally set to become big business for IDT, as I've predicted, but the 3 month maximum lifespan of this device leads me to doubt that it will give IDT any meaningful boost. 

It's a start, though, and much more meaningful than Fitbit's wristband partnership.  I continue to doubt the long-term usefulness of the existing data hoard there, though the newer devices are better and able to be put to some questionably good uses.  In the short-term though, I would be surprised if FIT doesn't see some sort of rebound before competition, and possibly tariffs, kick in.

The news should be having more impact, in terms of stock price, is the introduction of microLED televisions by Samsung.  OLED shares are rising, as I expected them to, for now, and TADFs still have a long way to go.  Even so, I think it is only a matter of time before bad policy and a different sort of competition catches up with America, and UDC may very well wind up being a poster child for that shift.  In the long run, it's all about which countries provide better infrastructure, services and environments to nurture growth in their respective societies in the balance between business and individual interests.  Consequently, my favorite picks are still high-yielding stocks like CTL which have global presence and can use their assets to provide those services, thereby generating cash flow.