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Fitbit schedules 1Q18 report ?3

Fitbit has scheduled the report on its first quarter to occur after market close on May 2nd.   The average of analyst estimates comes to a loss of 19 cents per share on $247M in sales, with current quarter revenue climbing to $313M.  

All of these numbers represent steady declines, so Fitbit will have to either beat substantially or come up with something surprisingly convincing to say about the first two weeks of Versa sales in order for the stock to break the neighborhood of $5.  Women (and to a lesser extent, children) are an excellent target market, and that plus good, cheap hardware should be enough to avoid real disaster.  However, I still think getting the software where it needs to be is a long, slow slog, and that applies particularly to the messaging and third-party development components.  On the former point, text responses still aren't ready yet, but I will monitor the situation and another hands-on review should be forthcoming.