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IDTI follow-up, VOD OMIB, and website changes +1

IDTI is down to $42.25 in the pre-market, despite multiple upgrades and one downgrade.  Those are unimportant, but it is noteworthy that Renesas has confirmed its interest.  Given my minimum price calculation, short time-frame, and my opinion that management would be amenable to selling, further dips do seem buy-able.  For reference, if the actual purchase price were to rise to $7b (which I would regard as an upper limit) then the price per share would be over $54.  Those who are amenable to short-term gains and volatility should keep the regulatory risk in mind, and there is always the possibility of some other snag in negotiations.

I'll also note that the husband of a Vodafone Director bought 50K shares (the equivalent of 5K American ADRs) on the London Stock Exchange last week.  Vodafone has a lot of debt, and is ready to take on more, signaling preparation for further growth.

Finally, note that the symbol for NYLD(A) has been changed on the website in advance of the transition a week from today.  It has also graduated from my pick list to the main section, and CQH has been moved to the public section.  Some further fix-ups are still in the works.