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Fitbit schedules 3Q18 report ?3

Fitbit has scheduled its third quarter report for Halloween night.  The average projections call for a loss of 1 cent per share on sales of $380M, with that figure rising to $567M for the supremely important holiday season. 

FIT shares descended as low as $4.50 in recent volatility and have bounced back just above $5 today, all as anticipated.  I suppose that could represent opportunity for some, but I have no appetite for such games in the current market.  For the longer term, I note that both revenue projections would still represent YoY declines from a points when FIT shares had already dropped almost all the way to current levels, and the EPS figure would merely be flat, thanks to cost cutting.  Although shares look fairly priced, I don't foresee taking much interest when I cover the report unless Fitbit can show credible evidence that its health care partnerships and initiatives will produce meaningful financial results.