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Fitbit schedules 4Q17 report ?3

Fitbit has scheduled its fourth quarter report to occur after market close on February 26th.  The average of analyst estimates for the company comes to a loss of 1 cent per share on $588M in revenue.  As with most consumer products, the fourth quarter accounts for most sales, so current quarter revenue estimates are for $339M. 

It's worth noting that Mobile World Congress begins the same day.  So we should expect lots of product announcements.

I've seen medical partnerships and investment from Fitbit, but they mostly amount to device discounts and hopes at diversification.  The health-care space has drawn a lot of business interest lately, which may ultimately provide Fitbit with a lifeline, but I'm not eager to take such chances at this point.  Consequently, I concede that FIT looks more interesting below $5 and will cover the call.  Even so, it would take something pretty surprising to draw a bullish call from me anywhere near that price.  There are many complexities to working in the real world, and my sense is that Fitbit has barely begun to assay them properly.