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        price during coverageResonant was a pioneer in new methods for designing radio frequency filters, which demonstrated software doing so in roughly half the time, often with simpler designs.  Though its fate was not as dire as that of its sister company, Superconductor Technologies, it gradually became clear that new management were slick talkers with little regard for ordinary shareholders.  Furthermore Akoustis, which I still cover privately, was making better headway in WiFi 6 and 5G with a completely different business model.  Thus, it was no surprise when Resonant wound up being sold to Murata at the rather disappointing price of $4.50 per share.  Nonetheless, my valuation analysis on RESN through the years lead to profitable trades, and this section stands as an example of how such analysis can help keep investors from getting hurt even in speculative technologies.

+8 Resonant sold to Murata, Golar 4Q21 schedule and more17:57 14-Feb-22
+1 MACom 1Q22 results and more09:34 27-Jan-22
?1 Google lawsuit, looking ahead to the midterms and more10:33 18-Jan-22
+1 macro, Ebix and GRoDT updates09:05 13-Jan-22
-1 jobs and GRoDT news10:13 03-Dec-21
?4 Resonant 3Q21 results17:26 10-Nov-21
-2 MACom 4Q21 results04:54 05-Nov-21
?2 Amsc, Resonant & Ebix 3Q21 schedules, Westport contract16:46 02-Nov-21
-2 Akoustis 1Q22 results and 3d mobile customer08:18 01-Nov-21
+2 New Fortress 3Q21 schedule and more of the same09:47 12-Oct-21
+2 Resonant and Xebec new, BGC & UDC 3Q21 schedules, and BS everywhere09:30 06-Oct-21
?2 pre-expiration market notes and GRoDT news09:08 17-Sep-21
?2 Akoustis 4Q21 results, WLP shipments and MagnaChip Treasury letter09:15 30-Aug-21
-2 Akoustis MU-MIMO carrier grade WiFi 6E win07:38 27-Aug-21
?3 Resonant 2Q21 results17:42 11-Aug-21
?3 Resonant Product Development VP and Orbital solar contract09:33 09-Aug-21
?3 Amdocs 3Q21 results16:40 04-Aug-21
?3 Resonant 2Q21 schedule, VOD OMIB and more09:14 02-Aug-21
+1 MACom 3Q21 results09:59 29-Jul-21
+3 Resonant, Westport and Lumen news10:04 07-Jul-21
+2 adding AKTS, Resonant WaveX software and pricing notes09:30 22-Jun-21
?1 Himax dividend, plus networking & macro thoughts09:29 03-Jun-21
+3 RESN OMIB, LUMN dividend, plus macro and GLNG perspective10:14 21-May-21
-1 semiconductor shiftiness and new GMLPP symbol16:55 19-May-21
?3 Resonant 1Q21 results17:42 12-May-21
?2 Xebec, Intel & Akoustis manufacturing, Resonant 1Q21 schedule and more15:22 03-May-21
?1 MACom 2Q21 results09:48 29-Apr-21
-3 Resonant preliminary 1Q21 results09:56 28-Apr-21
+2 Lumen & MACom schedules, Resonant update, and more11:51 13-Apr-21
+3 Resonant broadens Tier-1 Chinese license09:25 05-Apr-21
?1 Telus refinancing, Himax auto win, and more03:31 01-Apr-21
?3 Resonant 4Q20 results09:57 15-Mar-21
-1 AES investor day and more on energy12:38 05-Mar-21
?3 GRoDT schedules, Clearway 4Q20 results and more16:22 02-Mar-21
?1 Cyxtera and telecom update07:45 24-Feb-21
?1 market strategy for untrod ground21:47 17-Feb-21
?2 Clearway dividend and GRoDT news11:54 16-Feb-21
-3 Resonant preliminary 4Q20 results09:28 09-Feb-21
?3 RESN and communications developments20:19 02-Feb-21
?1 Nokia 4Q20 schedule and further market thoughts09:47 29-Jan-21
-2 MACom 1Q21 results09:42 28-Jan-21
-1 Intel 4Q20 schedule, license revocation, and other semi notes07:30 19-Jan-21
?2 Vantage U.K. inclusion official and more19:48 11-Jan-21
?3 Resonant quarterly shipment update09:54 06-Jan-21
+1 CES thoughts and other minor news10:13 04-Jan-21
?2 Golar FSRU sale and macro comments09:13 28-Dec-20
?3 Resonant passes 50M unit mark and more17:10 17-Dec-20
+1 Lumen, Virtu and other news19:15 23-Nov-20
+3 Resonant and WiFi, plus Google & Clearway news15:17 20-Nov-20
+1 Himax 3Q20 results12:07 12-Nov-20
?3 GRoDT follow-ups20:57 10-Nov-20
?3 Resonant 3Q20 results16:21 10-Nov-20
+3 Resonant automotive shipments and more09:15 10-Nov-20
+2 election implications, GRoDT schedules & news, plus Q&A09:45 09-Nov-20
-1 MACom 4Q20 & prospective Senate results12:02 06-Nov-20
?3 Xebec acquisition, earnings follow-ups and Resonant thoughts08:22 02-Nov-20
?3 Xebec & Resonant 3Q20 schedules09:49 27-Oct-20
?2 MACom and Nokia schedules10:10 22-Oct-20
?1 Schlumberger 3Q20 results13:52 16-Oct-20
?1 Nokia & telecom update09:30 14-Oct-20
?1 Lumen 3Q20 schedule and other telecom notes20:00 08-Oct-20
+3 Resonant preliminary 3Q20 results and more09:29 07-Oct-20
+3 Resonant M2 and ABB 3Q20 schedule09:51 05-Oct-20
?1 Vuzix Blade Upgraded available & Golar update08:04 01-Oct-20
?2 Energy Recovery 3Q20 schedule and GRoDT thoughts12:22 28-Sep-20
?2 Hygo IPO terms and other non-headline news10:55 17-Sep-20
+3 thoughts on Europe & beyond16:33 08-Sep-20
?3 Resonant switches to KPMG and new Fitbit watches14:14 25-Aug-20
?1 harbingers16:36 20-Aug-20
?1 EMAN short squeeze, MACom products and MX OMIBs19:31 05-Aug-20
+2 Resonant 2Q20 results17:10 05-Aug-20
?3 Resonant 2Q20 schedule and ABB results10:20 22-Jul-20
?1 Clearway near, BGC & Covanta far from the finish line, Fed could move it13:23 11-Jun-20
+3 Teledyne success with Resonant's XBAR and more telecom08:28 26-May-20
-3 Resonant 1Q20 results17:04 06-May-20
?2 Nokia 1Q20 results09:11 30-Apr-20
?3 Resonant schedules 1Q20 report09:07 24-Apr-20
+1 Intel 1Q20 results18:01 23-Apr-20
+1 BGC 1Q20 schedule plus Nokia, Resonant and oil notes15:51 21-Apr-20
+2 market calendar and minor news09:42 15-Apr-20
+1 stimulus, bonds and market segments09:08 19-Mar-20
?1 Vuzix 4Q19 results and much more12:39 17-Mar-20
+2 Resonant 4Q19 results16:34 10-Mar-20
+2 new pick, Nokia CEO, MagnaChip CFO, Resonant WiFi 6 & much more06:02 02-Mar-20
?3 Resonant 4Q19 schedule, XBAR event and more08:43 26-Feb-20
?2 Vuzix 4Q19 schedule, RESN OMIB and geopolitics16:11 14-Feb-20
?1 CenturyLink 4Q19 results18:34 12-Feb-20
-5 Resonant 4Q19 preliminary results & stock offering02:04 07-Feb-20
+1 Vodafone sells Egypt stake and more telecom11:25 29-Jan-20
+3 new Tier-1 Foundry Partner for Resonant, Clearway 4Q19 schedule and more09:20 22-Jan-20
+1 PG&E in talks with bondholders, spectrum and impeachment updates20:16 14-Jan-20
+1 EbixCash partners with MoneyGram and much more09:39 13-Jan-20
+2 Resonant win, Ebix update & Iraq09:46 06-Jan-20
?1 MVIS delisting plus currencies and telecoms09:45 16-Dec-19
?3 December values and 2020 concerns17:58 04-Dec-19
+4 Resonant COO, EBIX OMIB, and Clearway/Covanta macro23:33 02-Dec-19
+1 Nokia in a coasting market and more CUI OMIBs21:15 25-Nov-19