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Resonant schedules 1Q20 report ?3

Resonant has scheduled its first quarter report for the evening of May 6th.  Five analysts cover the company and the average of their estimates comes to a loss of 13 cents per share from $680K of revenue, increasing to $960K this quarter. 

Resonant has been presenting in recent days and the stock's trading history shows a pattern of weak information control and favoritism toward Wall St. insiders, which makes entry points tricky.  The recent patent awards don't matter, but all indicators, including Intel's report last night, point to the continuing revenue ramp that I've been looking for.  However, the pace needs to measured against capital burn, and the reports from Nokia and MACom next week will be most telling.  In the meantime, I'm hands off near the $2 mark, but will prioritize this report over MagnaChip's.