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Resonant 2Q21 schedule, VOD OMIB and more ?3

Resonant has scheduled its second quarter report for the morning of August 11th.  4 analyst estimates average out to a loss of 11 cents per share from $650K of revenue, increasing to $2.3M this quarter.  The latter figures,  still haven't been lowered despite the business update a month ago.  If Murata is going to make a move, it would probably be in the coming weeks or months.

Also in GRoDT news, Orbital has purchased another EPC company through its GTS subsidiary, saying it will immediately add revenues and earnings to GTS and to OEG.

Somewhat more important to me is the purchase of the equivalent of 7500 VOD ADRs in London last Friday at £1.16 ($16.18).  I had mentioned buying the dips with earnings a week ago, followed by signs of European recovery.  This is a data point in support of Vodafone utility value, though I still hope to get better than current pricing.  Europe reopening is more immediate, but the transition of American power seems a bigger opportunity.