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Resonant 2Q20 schedule and ABB results ?3

Resonant has scheduled its second quarter report to be given after market close on August 5th.  The average of estimates from 5 analysts covering the company comes to a loss of 12 cents per share from $540K of revenue.  The latter figure is expected to finally hit the $1M mark this quarter. 

Of course, that hasn't actually happened yet, even though it was expected about 2 years ago.  Management's actions since then have me firmly convinced that it courts Wall St. and disregards ordinary shareholders.  So, revenue vs cash burn remains most important as we try to guess whether the almost $30M on the balance sheet will be enough avoid another capital raise.  I'll also be curious to see if we can hear any color from the customers who have accepted non-mobile XBAR samples, though it's probably too early.

ABB also published results overnight that were somewhat better than expected:

The market likes it (ABB up over 3%).  I still like AES better, with the next dividend coming.