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Resonant sold to Murata, Golar 4Q21 schedule and more +8

Resonant has announced that it is being sold Murata for $4.50 per share.  The transaction is expected to close by the end of March, signaling that no regulatory interference is expected.  That's probably correct, but it just indicates how clueless the government is.  I'm unimpressed by the sale price, but had always acknowledged that this remained possible despite the lack of other progress for the company.  The RESN section of the website will remain private at least until the close.  I also note that AKTS is up 2.5% after hours on the news, though I do NOT see this as positive for Akoustis.

Golar LNG has scheduled its fourth quarter report for the morning of February 24th.  The average of a dozen analyst estimates comes to 10 cents of EPS from $116M of revenue, increasing to $128M this quarter.  I doubt the headline numbers will matter much or that these estimates have been adjusted for the CoolCo spinoff.  Brent near $96 should help and geopolitical tensions should help results, but it's all about what comes next for Golar.

I see Golar's market situation as similar to Resonant's in a way.  The company and stock are not in vogue among investors with Polestar and other EV advertisements rating most popular and a pricey forward P/E of 38.  The former is in defiance of the reaction in my household.  That said, I can understand that it raises awareness, and strikes a chord with a public that wants something new that is not Tesla.

However, transitioning hydrocarbon giants like Shell are more likely to look at the technical know-how and 3.5 P/S ratio for Golar.  As we've just seen, realizing value this way requires patience, and even faith, with no guarantee of payout.  Thus, I will listen to and report on any color offered by management, but no news could still be good news.