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Resonant quarterly shipment update ?3

Resonant's customers have shipped 6.9M filters in 4Q20.  The press release touts 200% YoY growth in this metric but the 65% sequential growth is more meaningful.  The relevant quote for investors is this:
Revenues in the fourth quarter of 2020 are expected to be in-line with previously provided guidance.
However, the company didn't give any formal guidance for this quarter.  Management merely commented that it expected revenue to be more in line with the first two quarters of the year, which came in at $544K and $604K.  With increased costs, the bottom is likely to be worse, though analysts are modeling that.  Look at the last time the company made such an announcement if you don't recall why we have to be careful about inferring revenue from shipments, and my comments for my outlook, which is also unchanged. 

RESN has opened slightly down after a huge gain yesterday.  I've documented instances of poor information control for the company, but this one is probably not management's fault, as it gets most of this information from Chinese customers.  I've also written about GRoDT short squeezes and RESN is a minor example.  Knowing one's own trading nimbleness, patience and volatility tolerance are key here.  This is decent news, but not as good as the market pricing, in my opinion, while the threat of further dilution remains.  Given Resonant's potential the real question is whether or not market sentiment will hold up long enough for management to make its next move.