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Resonant Product Development VP and Orbital solar contract ?3

Resonant has appointed Mike Conry as Vice President of Product Development with the responsibility for supporting customers to scale XBAR to commercialization and high-volume manufacturing.  He joined Peregrine Semiconductor in 2007.  Peregrine was bought by Murata in 2014 for $12.50 per share.  The share price prior to that was $7.69 but Peregrine had shipped over 2b chips by that point and had $60M in quarterly revenue.  Resonant just exceeded 79M units shipped and has 1% of those quarterly sales. 

With 5G deployment, this is a different market than in 2014, and some change to the relationship with Murata still has to happen in the coming months.  To wit, Dish just turned in a good quarterly report, though that seems to be mostly from subscribers for Olympic TV coverage.  RESN continues to trade below $3 and though this development is interesting, I don't think investors should get too excited about it.

Orbital has also issued another press release about a 130 MW solar EPC win.  I remain concerned about Oribital's profitability.