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This is the public blog version of my Polestar investment analysis, which was added before the GGPI SPAC merger.  The public side will focus mainly on my direct and extended experience with the product(s).  I've done plenty of head to head comparison with Tesla's various models and I think Polestar's vehicles will definitely be able to compete as the company ramps up.  See the earliest posting for more detail on the Polestar 2 vs. the Model S, but also recognize that details on stock valuation will be reserved for the subscriber section of the website. 

Even so, reports of day to day experience can be quite valuable to current and prospective owners of both the stock and vehicles.  Please peruse the now public Fitbit section for examples of the predictive value of my reviews of both individual products and the associated ecosystems.  They should help explain how I was neither surprised nor impressed to see the company sold to Google.  If such analysis matters to you, then see this page to get new updates in your email Inbox as they are published.

?3 3 months with the Ioniq 521:13 10-Nov-22
?3 initial Ioniq 5 comparisions09:31 17-Aug-22
?3 the new EV tax credits in scaled back better13:48 08-Aug-22
?3 a second BEV and Android Auto radio problems15:35 18-Jul-22
?4 Polestar GPS service, system update and map settings10:57 24-May-22
?3 Polestar showroom in Arizona10:06 14-Apr-22
?3 Android Auto 11 coming to Polestar13:35 30-Mar-22
+3 a month with the Polestar 205:13 27-Dec-21